Trabab See Chompoo ตราบาปสีชมพู

Trabab See ChompooTrabab See Chompoo ตราบาปสีชมพู
Complete English Subbed as of December 20, 2018
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Total Episodes : 24eps
Airing Date : 16th November, 2018 – 19th December, 2018 (Every Monday to Friday)
Synopsis, Ep1-11 Review by Fia
Teaser, Teaser 2
ใครเจ็บกว่า / Krai Jep Gwah (Who Hurts More) by ETC
ใช่เธอใช่เลย / Chai Tur Chai Lei (Yes, it’s you!) by Nont Tanont
ใจอ่อนแอ / Jai On Ae (Weak heart) by Arnon Saisangchan
แค่ของเลียนแบบ / Kae Kaung Lian Baep (Just an Imitation) by Kacha AF8
เธอคือลมหายใจ / Tur Keu Lom Hai Jai (You Are My Breath) by Jugg Chavin
หัวใจเราเจ็บเท่ากัน / Hua Jai Rao Jep Tao Gun (My Heart Would Hurt Equally) by Bowling Manida ft. Namm Ronnadet
เธอรักฉันจริงหรือเปล่า / Tur Ruk Chun Jing Reu Bplao (Do You Really Love Me?) by Marisa Sukosol

Ep Air
Time %
01 11/16/18 100% 100% 11/17/18 LINK
02 11/19/18 100% 100% 11/20/18 LINK
03 11/20/18 100% 100% 11/21/18 LINK
04 11/21/18 100% 100% 11/22/18 LINK
05 11/22/18 100% 100% 11/23/18 LINK
06 11/23/18 100% 100% 11/24/18 LINK
07 11/26/18 100% 100% 11/27/18 LINK
08 11/27/18 100% 100% 11/28/18 LINK
09 11/28/18 100% 100% 11/29/18 LINK
10 11/29/18 100% 100% 11/29/18 LINK
11 11/30/18 100% 100% 12/01/18 LINK
12 12/03/18 100% 100% 12/04/18 LINK
13 12/04/18 100% 100% 12/05/18 LINK
14 12/05/18 100% 100% 12/06/18 LINK
15 12/06/18 100% 100% 12/07/18 LINK
16 12/07/18 100% 100% 12/07/18 LINK
17 12/10/18 100% 100% 12/11/18 LINK
18 12/11/18 100% 100% 12/12/18 LINK
19 12/12/18 100% 100% 12/13/18 LINK
20 12/13/18 100% 100% 12/14/18 LINK
21 12/14/18 100% 100% 12/15/18 LINK
22 12/17/18 100% 100% 12/18/18 LINK
23 12/18/18 100% 100% 12/19/18 LINK
24 12/19/18 100% 100% 12/20/18 LINK

Subbed by neko^^ | Time/Segment by CHUỒN CHUỒN CÁNH SEN & neko^^| Edit/Style/Upload by kitkat


451 Comments on “Trabab See Chompoo ตราบาปสีชมพู

  1. Oh wow !!! Episode 16 is out already !! No need to explain about Chaya 😀

  2. Just done with ep 15..omg don’t tell me Peat slept with Chaya 😭😭😭😭 That will be too bad really!!
    Such a sad episode with great acting by Bua and Pon ❤️❤️
    Still hoping nothing happened between the two please 🙏🙏

    • I knowww,, but i wish i could understand the preview of the next episode? What is Chaya doing !!! Can some one explain please 😀

      • Next ep is out already..u will get more mad watching ep16 Aaaaaaaaahhhh i want to kill Chaya and Peat.. Are u crazy Peat!!

        • Ohhh :((( its late here so only tomorrow I can watch .. i wish that kiew stand strong and kick chaya and peat out !!!

  3. I’m not ready to watch next eps 😭😭 pity kiew 😭😭 it’s looks gonna be crying whole eps 15 16

    • I need another man to come in the picture. Right now Kiew, doesn’t have another person who loves her, right? Kriss sort of has her back, but that’s only because Chaya is involved. Peat needs a wake up call.

    • Huhuhuhu.. i think i need to punch peat for hurting kiew.. 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  4. Super Thanks 🌹👍for super fast subbing….loving it so far…as some one said earlier both the leads are an eye candy to watch😍….story moving at a gr8 pace. …things are going to get tense ahead🤯…eagerly waiting🤓 for the upcoming eps

  5. Pingback: Trabab See Chompoo Ep 15

  6. What did we ever do to deserve someone like you?!? I really appreciate all your hard work and I cannot thank you enough for taking your time to do this for us nonThai speakers! You are truly a hero in my book!

  7. I love this drama so much .. i cant wait for the episode 15-24…im waiting for the other episodes..thank u so much for translating it in english subtitles…more power!!

  8. **Spoiler** I am so over Peat. However, I must admit that he is smart. He made sure to marry the love of his life. I guess he is hoping that Kiew will stay by his side no matter what he does because he always seems slightly nervous when he is about to do something wrong to her. In ep. 15 he has to stare at himself in the mirror to maintain his determination to leave the room. I’m really hoping that he stopped Chaya before she went to far during their intimate moment because if he didn’t Kiew should leave him. I started feeling so so about Kriss, but Kriss is awesome. He is the only one not enabling Peat. Obviously showing him affection and love is just not enough. Instead of turning a new leaf after finding out his mother was wrong as well, he still blames everything on the dad. I am pretty sure that his mother was aware that Khun Nai did not want to marry her. They could have worked something out (maybe get a divorce after a few years). However, she stayed with Khun Nai and he lost years with his love. Peat doesn’t take any of that into account. Also while Kiew’s mom was bound to die, the stress hurried the process. Peat should have taken all of that into account. Peat can go kick rocks. Kriss is awesome and never treats anyone badly except for Peat, but he deserves it. I admit that Peat is handsome, but he is also very ugly on the inside to be able to do that to someone he loves. Although I understand where he is coming from, I just don’t care.

    • My thoughts exactly. I’m putting all hope on kriss to knock some sense into peat. He should get closer to kiew. That would leave peat green with envy. Kiew seems able to tolerate peat’s nonsense at the moment but more than these, i don’t wish for her to be lenient for long. When you have his love, you hold the power in your hand, kiew.

  9. Love Love this Lakorn. so much I often can’t wait, go for the raw et come back for the subs.
    Thank you very much, for doing the sub ans for doing them so regularly and quickly. You’re amazing.

  10. Can’t be able to watch episode 14. Seriously peat is a eye candy

  11. Awwwww poor Kiew i feel so bad for her 😥😥 so Peat wants to take revenge on his dad and Kiew’s mom(the reason why all this happened) 🤔🤔 poor Kiew tomorrow’s episode is gonna be really sad.. Gosh i am stopping myself from watching the raw lol hahahaha
    Thanks to Neko and team we are getting to watch an awesome drama ❤️❤️
    I love the second song from the list above..its beautiful but i wonder why this drama dosent have it’s own OST?🤔
    I still have hope Kriss is a good guy I just can’t believe he can do anything bad to Peat or Kiew.. trusting him for now..
    I want Kiew and Kriss to join hands to get back on Peat and Chaya..
    Can’t wait for tomorrow ❤️❤️

    • I saw on Instagram posts that they will get married and leave her on wedding night 🙁

  12. I must be a glutton for punishment. I went and skimmed over ep. 14. All I can say is tsk, tsk, tsk.

  13. Is it for sure only 24 episodes? What does TBC mean after the number of episodes listed at the top with the lakorn details?

    • To be confirmed! ^^ At the moment, it’s rumored to have 24 eps

  14. coucou la team vous aller bien je voulais savoir si le drama sera traduit en vostfr 🙂 merci une bonne journée a vous

  15. Thank you Neko, you tend to pick great shows to sub. You are truly appreciated.

    I see the show is about to get intense. I will wait for the subbing to finish, watch the ending and go back to watch the rest. Peat is about to do some really mean things to Kiew, just to get back at his dad. I understand he is upset, but it was also his mom’s choice to cheat. For those who are starting to dislike Kriss, remember that love is blind. Kriss is this generation’s Chaiwat. Chaiwat loved Peat’s mom, but was friends with Khun Nai, Kriss is always overlooked and that is bound to cause him to resent Peat and Peat knows that Chaya loves him. Peat is just wrong, but who can blame him with his upbringing. His mom is always telling him adult business (information that a child is not emotionally or conceptually ready for). I understand him, but he knows what he is doing is wrong. I hope Kiew makes him suffer before she takes him back. Peat really needs to learn that not everything is about him. How can you give up your love just for revenge? I would think my man didn’t love me enough.

  16. Thank youuu so muchh for your kindness for subbing a lot of thai drama 😍 it’s really helps other people who don’t know about thai language to watch in eng sub. I hope u have a happy life coz u make other people happy with do subtitle this drama 😁😁

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