Trabab See Chompoo ตราบาปสีชมพู

Trabab See ChompooTrabab See Chompoo ตราบาปสีชมพู
Complete English Subbed as of December 20, 2018
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Total Episodes : 24eps
Airing Date : 16th November, 2018 – 19th December, 2018 (Every Monday to Friday)
Synopsis, Ep1-11 Review by Fia
Teaser, Teaser 2
ใครเจ็บกว่า / Krai Jep Gwah (Who Hurts More) by ETC
ใช่เธอใช่เลย / Chai Tur Chai Lei (Yes, it’s you!) by Nont Tanont
ใจอ่อนแอ / Jai On Ae (Weak heart) by Arnon Saisangchan
แค่ของเลียนแบบ / Kae Kaung Lian Baep (Just an Imitation) by Kacha AF8
เธอคือลมหายใจ / Tur Keu Lom Hai Jai (You Are My Breath) by Jugg Chavin
หัวใจเราเจ็บเท่ากัน / Hua Jai Rao Jep Tao Gun (My Heart Would Hurt Equally) by Bowling Manida ft. Namm Ronnadet
เธอรักฉันจริงหรือเปล่า / Tur Ruk Chun Jing Reu Bplao (Do You Really Love Me?) by Marisa Sukosol

Ep Air
Time %
01 11/16/18 100% 100% 11/17/18 LINK
02 11/19/18 100% 100% 11/20/18 LINK
03 11/20/18 100% 100% 11/21/18 LINK
04 11/21/18 100% 100% 11/22/18 LINK
05 11/22/18 100% 100% 11/23/18 LINK
06 11/23/18 100% 100% 11/24/18 LINK
07 11/26/18 100% 100% 11/27/18 LINK
08 11/27/18 100% 100% 11/28/18 LINK
09 11/28/18 100% 100% 11/29/18 LINK
10 11/29/18 100% 100% 11/29/18 LINK
11 11/30/18 100% 100% 12/01/18 LINK
12 12/03/18 100% 100% 12/04/18 LINK
13 12/04/18 100% 100% 12/05/18 LINK
14 12/05/18 100% 100% 12/06/18 LINK
15 12/06/18 100% 100% 12/07/18 LINK
16 12/07/18 100% 100% 12/07/18 LINK
17 12/10/18 100% 100% 12/11/18 LINK
18 12/11/18 100% 100% 12/12/18 LINK
19 12/12/18 100% 100% 12/13/18 LINK
20 12/13/18 100% 100% 12/14/18 LINK
21 12/14/18 100% 100% 12/15/18 LINK
22 12/17/18 100% 100% 12/18/18 LINK
23 12/18/18 100% 100% 12/19/18 LINK
24 12/19/18 100% 100% 12/20/18 LINK

Subbed by neko^^ | Time/Segment by CHUỒN CHUỒN CÁNH SEN & neko^^| Edit/Style/Upload by kitkat


442 Comments on “Trabab See Chompoo ตราบาปสีชมพู

  1. Thank youuu so muchh for your kindness to subbing a lot of thai drama 😍😍 it’s really helps other people who don’t know about thai language to watch in english sub. I’m from indonesia 😄

  2. Neko and subbing team – you all are the best! can’t get enuf of your work! Thank you! Ep 12 will be out soon! yeah!

  3. Can’t believed I starting falling in love with Kriss charm, but now I think Kriss will be a very bad person. Is that Kriss turning bad because Chaya love Peat, and doesn’t like him..

  4. NEKO,you are so amazing.I love this drama so much,after korean drama,thai lakorn also my favourite drama that I love since 2017. Looking forward every scene and episode. Hope you can continue subbing the rest episode and drama.
    Thx for giving us the non thai audiance the feeling of understanding the thai language with eng subtitle.You are awesome.Keep up a good work.

  5. This trick works for me for dailymotion if sometimes i am unable to access it..
    Even if the video is not playing as long as u have three video url u can copy the url link and paste into and click on download, choose the format and download it.. Hope it works..

  6. Poor Peat i feel so sad for him and what’s wrong with Kriss? It’s hard to believe he is a bad guy..i wanted Kriss and Kiew to make Peat more jealous lol 😂😂 so that he will realise his love for Kiew ❤️❤️
    Just saw in ig a pic of a bed scene in the upcoming episodes. Gosh weekdays are better these days hehe 😂

  7. Neko can you tell me what the title ost of this lakorn . And i like the one when kriss and chaya scene what the song name? Thank you

    • You can check the info up there under FEATURED SONGS. Maybe it’s one of the four songs that Neko has given the links to.

  8. Appreciate and thank you for your hard work. Unfortunately the server link don’t work in ep 11.

  9. Wow it is getting more and mire exciting , can’t wait to see what will happen next-like i can’t predict anything!!! Thank you Neko for your hard work 😘😘😘
    Ps -is Kriss turning bad ?!? I was starting to like him cause he had common sense and everything but now….

  10. Hi Neko, I can’t open eps 11
    Thank you very much for all the sub

  11. SSadly the English subs on Dailymotion stop working after episode 2 so I am not able to watch or understand it after episode 2. Please if you can fix it. I really am enjoying it.

    • Have you check the link in this page? I’ve already updated alternative link up to eps 6!

    • Pls upload the ep 11 eng sub soon….i can’t wait ….

      • Please be patient, Manjula. Neko is subbing this very fast already.

  12. Sorry that I can’t see Trabab See Chompoo E07. Can you fix it? Thank you very much 🙂

  13. I didn’t expect the sub for ep 10 untill later tonight,but u surprised me😍 , thank u so so much for the sub,ur really an angel for people who love lakorn but doesn’t speak thai,so im gratefull

  14. NEKO You’re amaziiiing..
    can’t belived it, you subbing on 3 hours after ep 10 airing…
    Btw, I really falling in love with all actors and the story, they did really great
    Falling in love with P’Bua she really did great, love it.

    I’m From Indonesia, and since 2017 I enjoy watch lakorn, after I enjoy watch Kdrama,
    Now I’m into Lakorn..

    Thank you for givin us from outside Thai who don’t know about Thai Language, but you make it easy to us cz you subbing in english..

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