28th Dec 2014
Bie performing at Terminal 21 
Just happen I went there to shop but instead I get entertained by Bie! It was so crowded! I guess his die hard fans probably came very early in order to get the front seats. I capture all these from the 3rd floor of the shopping mall.

14th March 2014
Bomb Tanin & Mint Chalida for Cubic at Terminal 21
Another chance encounter with the lead from Cubic. At that time I have no idea who they are, I just snapped their pics and send it over to Kitkat just for fun!

19th October 2013
Neko Jump at one of the expo in IMPACT Arena
I was loitering at IMPACT Arena while waiting for Bird concert and caught a glimpse of “I think someone famous”. Snap it and send it to Kitkat, and she told me it’s Neko Jump!

Bird Thongchai – Feathers & Flowers Secret Garden Concert
Featuring Da Endorphine, New & Jew, Lula and Chompoo Araya.
My long awaited concert. I have always wanted to go to Bird concert ever since I saw his Thor Thong concert on tapes back in ’94. So it was like my bucket list thing! LOL! It was tough to get the tickets online as they require a local Thailand mailing address. I make a few threats here and there, to my contacts (yeah you heard right! I threaten in order to get the tickets! XP) and finally got 2 tickets. At the time when I buy the tickets, they still haven’t announced the guest artists. I was glad to be able to see Chompoo live in action. She sure is beautiful. I’m also a fan of Lula and Da Endorphine. The concert was a blast! ^^

23rd August 2013
Arthur Benjakul BSC Expert White event at Siam Paragon
I was shopping at Siam Paragon and so happen to see that they have event going on. When I went over to have a look, I saw a familiar face. At that time I only know him as Ak from Maya Tawan. He’s really cute in real person! ^^


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