So Sanaeha โซ่เสน่หา

So Sanaeha

So Sanaeha โซ่เสน่หา [Bounded by Affection]
Subbing Completion Date  June 5, 2017
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Total Episodes : 15
Air Date : 11th Apr 2017 – 30th May 2017
ทั้งชีวิตเพื่อเธอ / Tung Cheewit Puea Tur (My Entire Life is For You) BY Porshe Saran

Ep Air
Time %
1 04/11/17 100% 100% 04/14/17 LINK
2 04/17/17 100% 100% 04/19/17 LINK
3 04/18/17 100% 100% 04/23/17 LINK
4 04/24/17 100% 100% 04/26/17 LINK
5 04/25/17 100% 100% 05/02/17 LINK
6 05/01/17 100% 100% 05/06/17 LINK
7 05/02/17 100% 100% 05/08/17 LINK
8 05/08/17 100% 100% 05/16/17 LINK
9 05/09/17 100% 100% 05/17/17 LINK
10 05/15/17 100% 100% 05/21/17 LINK
11 05/16/17 100% 100% 05/24/17 LINK
12 05/22/17 100% 100% 05/27/17 LINK
13 05/23/17 100% 100% 05/29/17 LINK
14 05/29/17 100% 100% 06/04/17 LINK
15 05/30/17 100% 100% 06/05/17 LINK

Subbed by neko^^ | Time/Segment by neko^^ & Annie Cat & chuon chuon canh sen | Edit/Style/Upload by kitkat


101 Comments on “So Sanaeha โซ่เสน่หา

  1. Finally episode 10!!! My favorite episode of the entire lakorn. Rang & Dteun’s moments makes me 😍😍😍😍. They’re so cuuuuute!!! Looking forward for more of their story.

  2. NEKO MEOW thanks for subbing so sanaeha and i cant wait for more and i sincerely appreciate it.thank you so much

  3. Thank you so much
    Waiting for the links to download this lakorn
    Keep going and hope you have enjoyed your vacation.

  4. Am subbing and watching at the same time ep8 part 2! Oh my gosh! I can’t help but to vent out that Khun Nai Linjee is getting crazier day by day! 😮 😮 😮 She’s clearly a psychopath and I can’t believe that Ramet doesn’t even notice! What does she wants with so many babies? Mold them all into another Ramet? And if I’m Pum, I’d never fall for a guy like Ramet! LOL! I guess this only happens in lakorn!

    • Why am I even watching this? I thought the same thing you do, why would you fall for a guy that doesn’t even look for you for the past 9 mos or more, while you’re carrying his child? You could have get kill and he doesn’t even notice. Someone that abandon you and marry another person? Pum should end up with his friend. Also, that big woman caregiver freak me out. At least PMet’s brother are better, he is more responsible and he know he have a psychopath Mom. Something also bother me about the Nang’ek, I think is her mouth, lol.

      • True. Im only watching because of the two other couples. The main leads has lottle chemistry. I prefer her partner on her horror comedy.

    • Same here. Can’t understand him as well, he’s just too obedient or dumb. It’s pretty obvious that his mom needs help, a psychiatrist to make her better. But I keep on watching due to Rang & Dteun.

      • Phew! Done with ep8! Finally Pum is out from the hut! From the look of it, ep9 should be fun to sub! I’ll get to see Ramet getting jealous. Rang & Dteun have some cute scenes in ep10 😛

        • Yay 😊 i watched that raw and they’re making me 😍🤗 !!!! They’re super cute without even trying. That scene wherein Rang was holding Dteuns wrist and making him promise or admit something, not sure coz I can’t understand a thing except the word “sanya” which I think means promise right?

        • Hai neko can i ask, how many episode this lakorn? 🙂

    • Looking forward for your uploads. Thanks 🙏🏻 for the hardwork. Episode 10 has the cutest scene for Ramg & Dteun. 😍😍🤗🤗 so egggzoited! But I’ll wait patiently. We understand you have lots of commitments as well. Doing the subs is a hardwork & it’s more than enough. God bless & more power 💪🏻!!!

    • Ramet is just too good a person. He is not able to hurt anybody for that matter.
      Let’s wait and see how he behaved later part when he knew Pum was still alive.
      I believe his love for Pum will out beat his obedience & tolerance for his mum.
      Give him a chance to prove himself. We all know he had searched for Pum but his mum was a step ahead, relocating Pum to an unknown location.
      What I am interested to know from now, is, how he will handle and settle the situation
      of his child wife and the woman he loved so the lakorn would end well.

      Let’s not judge him yet.

    • I just want to thank you for being such a reliable and consistent subbers. It’s so hard to find subbing for Lakorns and I appreciate all of your hard work!

      Back to the topic at hand, Ep 8 is nuts! Every time I watch this I can’t believe how the crazy the mom is. The lead male must have Stockholm syndrome. It’s the only way to explain his inability to see his “mother’s” craziness.

  5. Thank you so much for subbing, NMM! I also enjoy the ongoing relationship between Rang and Dteun. Their issue is what our generation has been facing a lot. And their characters made me so in love with this lakorn especially all the arguments they had and all the hardships they went through together. In the end, I hope they will love each other (which is going to happen, of course!). As for Ramet and Pum, I’ll be just be patient and wait for them to be finally united, after Ramet is conscious of his mom’s psychotic behavior.

    • I totally agree with you! Rang & Dteun keeps me going. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️. I watched episodes 8& 9 raw & didn’t understand a thing. Hahahah! They only have few scenes in episode 9.

  6. Can’t wait for the next next episode when they finally meet. I actually watch episode eight raw out of curiosity. Episode nine will be having a lot drama for sure. Love.

  7. Thank you so much for the new subbed episodes. I really appreciate all the time you put into it. Do take a breather sometime, ok?
    I have to admit that I had hoped that the Ramet in this remake would have more of a spine and would see through his mother´s manipulations a lot earlier..but the opposite seems to be the case….he even married the girl O_O I don´t think this happened in the older version..gahh.

  8. thank you for your hard work. i’m really appreciate that. all of you doing such a great work. it is really awesome. thank you once again for your hard work.

  9. Hi neko!!! How many total episodes this series will have? Thanks 🙏🏻!!!

  10. Is Rang the father of Dteun’s baby? I am watching this series in dailymotion yet maybe my server isn’t that stable coz the video is not that clear so I could barely read the subtitles. Pls…. can anyone answer for me. Dying of curiosity here.hehehehe! Rang & Dteun is making me ❤️❤️❤️❤️ this lakorn.

      • Ah ok thanks🙏🏻 for the info. I did miss it coz of my poor net connection the video keeps on buffering & i could barely read the english sub yet i kept on watching. Lol! I am hooked up on this lakorn because of Rang & Dteun. 🙂

      • Lol I missed that part. I kept on skipping Rang and Dteun’s parts haha! Sorry for the shippers though but I feel like they’re eating too much screentime and less screentime for our main leads 😒😒

        • Actually me on the contrary enjoyed Rang & Dteun’s part. I’m a bit fed up with back boneless Ramet. But things going to get heated up when Ramet & Pum reunited again in ep9 😉

          • Same here, i mostly enjoy Dteun and Rang part as for Ramet I want him to stand for himself and not let his mother manipulate him. Also just asking why is the mother acting that way to Ramet!?

  11. Thank you so much Neko
    just waiting to download them all and enjoy watching ^^
    keep going at your own pace

  12. thanks for your hard working on it, the subtitle is really easy to nderstand. I love this Thdrama so much

  13. This is the first time I visit your site, and I have no word to say but amazing job. Thanks for your hard work.

  14. Hi there! This is off topic but, I just wanna know if you have any plans of Subbing Ra Rerng Fai when it airs?

    • Me probably not since I know that there’s two subbers have their eye set on this one! 😉 I guess you’ll hear them announcing it once it air.

  15. Thank you for your work all the time.. can you also sub Nam So Sai Eps น้ำเซาะทราย, it seems a great drama too. Thank you

  16. you are really good. what I like about you is that you are commuted to what you do. really one of little site that do what they say, translate the projects they promise (touch wood, hope you will keep going). we are thankful . keep going on.
    spoiler alert
    I hate p mat character he is so weak and blinded by his mother’s love. but how can he be that stupid.
    I think the drama is going fast by the 4th episode and many things had happened. I hope they will not drag the story line in the next episodes.

    • I agree with you. That’s what I thought of ep4 too. It’s like they rush through the honeymoon phase! LOL! I can understand Ramet’s trying to be filial to her Mom but I find that it’s a bit excessive. Oh well, I guess that’s why it’s lakorn! I’m actually looking forward for scene of Rang and Dteun instead. I want to see how Rang win Dteun’s heart. Let’s hope they give enough air time for the 2nd couple too. 😀

  17. Thank you so much for subbing this lakorn!! I am enjoying it a lot. This is one drama I am looking forward to every week.

  18. I love the progress charts you put up Neko, thry make me excited for what’s coming next. Especially when I check on something and see the progress level is getting closer to completion, I feel like a kid waiting to open my birthday presents lol Keep up the great meowing!!! 😉 <3

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