As of April 6, 2016
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Title/Episode Timing
Rak.Sorn.Rode.E12.20100321 DONE
(10q BlueSkies)
100% 01/09/15
Love Songs Love Stories Special by Closeup ‘กล้าใกล้ให้ใจเต้น’ E01.20160325 DONE 100% 03/28/16
Love Songs Love Stories Special by Closeup ‘กล้าใกล้ให้ใจเต้น’ E02END.20160404 DONE 100% 04/04/16
TV Movie Rak Kam Diao DONE 100% 04/04/16

22 Comments on “Misc…

  1. Hello! Kon Mee Sanae is my first Lakorn (except the BL ones ) and I totally enjoyed the show including the soundtract. Do you know where i can listen to the FULL OST? THANK YOU.

  2. dear neko I hope you can sub raeng tawan please.. as I was informed up-to-date the lakorn has been subbed until ep 6 but the remaining is raw. I hope you could continue this project.

  3. Hello
    do you perhaps have Koo Za Rot Zab? I have looked everywhere for it. But no one has it sub
    Thank you

  4. Do you have Roy Fun Tawan Duerd by Nadech,Yaya.. Not sure it’s spelling right. Thank you for all your subbing, I love it all , (big hugs)

  5. quero muito assistir um lakorn (Barb Rak Ta Lay Fun(2017) mas não tem sub ingl, vc pode ajudar-me

  6. Can I have the eng subtitle of “sapai rod saab” thanks..

  7. Hi, I just want to say that I love your work!! Also could please sub Nakrob Ta Pisat? I looked everywhere and no one has sub it. Thank you everything you do.

  8. Channel 1 lakorns are so good and worth watching unlike channel 7 but channel 1 lakorns are not subbed anywhere for some reason. Thank you Neko^^MeowMeow for your hard work until now but it would be really appreciated if you work on some channel 1 shows. Lakorns starring Sean are priceless. Thanks for working hard on paragit likit ruk🙂🙂

  9. Please sub Kularb Tud Petch please!!!!!!!!!!!?????????!!!!!!!!!!!???????

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