OnGoing Project

Khun Nu Reun Lek Majurat Holiday Pachara Montra

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  1. Hi thanks to all the drama that you have subbed, could you translate prakasit kammathep

  2. Hi thank you so much for the sub
    Can you sub ruk jung eoi ( taew and ter)
    I think the lakorn is funny and different from the rest
    Thank you

  3. can you sub or just find Tard Ruk Taranong for me please please please ? I have search this lakorn for ages T.T

  4. Can you guys please please please translate huajai Sila 2019
    I can’t access it through just another muse. Please please please

  5. Could you please translate Huajai Sila the 2019 version. I checked just another muse just as you mentioned in the previous comments but I cannot access it. Could you guys please translate it I really want to watch this show

      • do you know how to acces it? i have visited the web but can’t access their video?

  6. Hi, could you please translate Hua Jai Sila the latest 2019 version

        • Soo..just because you are impatient and do not want to wait you are asking Neko to sub it? Be happy it is being subbed in the first place.

  7. Hi ! Thank you so much for the sub. Can you sub KONG KRAPAN NAREE ? Thanks.

  8. Could you translate mai sin rai fai sawart episodes 10-16

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