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MISC Leh Rak Bussaba Trabab See Chompoo

229 Comments on “OnGoing Project

  1. An wondering if you can finishing subbing mai sin rai fai sawart, and upload it please am begging you.

  2. Thank so much for all that you do I just wanted to know if you knew when alwaysmeena will start posting again?

  3. Can you please sub prakasit kammathep
    Thank you for all the fast subbing

  4. thank you so much for working on Sweet Trap na ka❤ anyway, I was wondering, are you planning to do the sub for Baifern and Tao new GMM Drama?
    thanks na ka;)

  5. thank you so much for subbing lakorns… looking forward to see your new projects…

  6. I just ask if you team can sub slap/kiss drama example Rang tawan,Barb rak talay fun and Mai sin rai fai sawart because many people want watch this kind drama with sub i hope your team can make it for us

  7. HI can we leave suggestions ? well hahah i would like to watch love at first hate but the subs don’t make any sense can you please rectify them cause i know you sub very well

      • Yes , can’t wait for ep5 they already uploaded ep5 but its not yet subbed to eng. Huhu..

    • They’ve already subbed that one, type it into good and it should come up under dailymotion

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