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  1. do you plan to work on “Lying Heat” (“Jai Luang”) in the future?

  2. Hi Neko,
    Do you know anyone who is subbing Tae pang korn?? If not and the project was dropped is it possible for you to sub the drama?

  3. Can you please provide us with english subtitles for thai larkon petch tud petch.
    I cannot find its some episodes particularly ep 8,9 and 10

  4. Can you please provide us woth the english subtitles for thai serial petch tud petch.
    I cannot find its episode 8,9 and 10.

  5. Hi Neko, Are you planning to complete Nang Ai or you dropped it?

    • Nang Ai is not neko’s project… its danseurella’s project in collaboration with kitkat. You can find it in alwaysameena’s dailymotion channel… but its only halfway done, but has recent updates within this month … so i think the subbing is not yet dropped.

  6. Hello, I’ve been waiting for Tai Ngao Jan to be subbed, it was subbed by alwaysmeena but she never finished, did she drop the project or will she continue subbing?

  7. Hi,
    Just wondering if you know where I can view the show Mai Sin Rai Fai Sawart ep 8 and onwards with eng sub. I’ve only been able to view up to ep 7 eng sub. It would be greatly appreciated if you could sub it or know where i can view it sub. Thanks in advance.

      • Are you looking to watch MSRFS online, or can you download? Those episodes were subbed by Keyhui Team on FB. I don’t know if they are still available or not, though.

  8. Hi, Neko. Can you please sub Mia Tuean (the illicit wife) starring Rattapoon.

    • You can find it on youtube if not, just look up on google “Mia Tuean eng sub” it’s a good drama btw.

          • Hi. Hey actually am not on FB and whenever I search for the drama Mia Tuean on alwaysmeena I never got to watch. Please send me the site so that I can watch it. I am very interested in the drama

  9. Hi Neko, will you continue with subbing Nang Ai until episode 15?

  10. Please engsub muad opas season 1 and season 2 its greats lakorn or u can give me site to downloane engsub for muad opas

  11. hye neko neko…i want to recommended you a short series by OPPO TH which are My Secret Friend.
    I am a big fans of the hero in this series since I watched May Who? I hope you can consider this in you list.
    It’s very short,even shorter than Gosahug, but I really want to watch it or do you know any website that sub this series?
    Thank you for your attention…>_<

  12. Your collaboration project Nang Ai is dropped out yet…. Already fall in love with Nychaa and Great but posting between one episode and episode is longer than I had expected so. Thank you! Always support you.

  13. Did you dropped subbing cupids series ken & chompoo part? Who’s going to sub it? 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

    • As this lakorn air 3 eps a week and at the same time slot as Nieow Huajai Sut Glai Peun. It’s impossible for me to focus on two projects at the same time. And Thippy have agreed to take over this project. She’s a real lifesaver. Do headover to her fb page to give a big shout out to her.

  14. Would be great if Mai sin rai fai sawat continue its englush subbing from episode 9 onwards. Thank you.

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