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Pisat Hunsa Bangkok Vampire King Gor Rah Kah Gor Raeng



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  1. I can understand that you really want to watch this lakorn (I also do actually), but neko has already sayed many times that she will only sub what she’s interested in. Please, do respect her choice.
    You should wait patiently for justanothermuse team to release the episodes or become a member by contributing if you can’t wait any longer.

  2. Please english sub hua jai sila…please..please😢

    • Hi! Please read thoroughly neko’s house rules for you to continue the perks of a free eng sub of your favorite series..many times it has been told that neko will not sub HJS for the reason that another subber , (muse) is subbing this lakorn..pls also visit muse website but wait cant have an access until it is completely subbed unless you donate if you can’t wait for it to be completed and you can binged watch

      • Fyi,we can still bale to access even if we dont donate. For hjs fans we still hve to wait for the subber to sub that series

    • If you look at the top neko has already said NO subbing request will be entertained. She also has on her page that she will not sub Hua Jai Sila. It is being subbed by someone else.

          • Do you know the link of Muse website?

          • Muse stop subbing it……I don’t know how can I watch it with engsub….when I come to know that neko doesn’t sub it I feel cry……..

          • She stopped subbing. Does anyone know, if there are other subbers ? I’d love to watch this, but won’t start unless I know that it gets subbed to the end

  3. Please,english sub the hua jai sila 2019,thanks

  4. pls…english sub the hua jai sila 2019 because I cant understand THAI language….I really like this lakorn…thanks

  5. can somebody to help english sub for “homestay or nee ruk pai puk jai” jeab lalana drama please !!!!!!!!

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