Paen Rai Long Tai Wa Rak แผนร้ายลงท้ายว่ารัก

Paen Rai Long Tai Wa Rak

Paen Rai Long Tai Wa Rak แผนร้ายลงท้ายว่ารัก
Subbing status as of  June 24, 2017
Download @ alwaysmeena
Watch @ dailymotion
Total Episodes : TBC
Airing Date : 1st June 2017 –


ขอบคุณยังน้อยไป / Khopkhun Yang Noi Pai (Thanking still too little) by In Budokan
สายไปหรือยัง / Sai Pai Reu Yang (Is it too late already?) by Ant Emotion Town

Ep Air
Time %
1 06/01/17 100% 100% 06/06/17
2 06/02/17 100% 100% 06/07/17
3 06/05/17 100% 100% 06/07/17
4 06/06/17 100% 100% 06/09/17
5 06/07/17 100% 100% 06/10/17
6 06/08/17 100% 100% 06/11/17
7 06/09/17 100% 100% 06/12/17
8 06/12/17 100% 100% 06/14/17
9 06/13/17 100% 100% 06/15/17
10 06/14/17 100% 100% 06/15/17
11 06/15/17 100% 100% 06/17/17
12 06/16/17 100% 100% 06/17/17
13 06/19/17 100% 100% 06/20/17
14 06/20/17 100% 100% 06/21/17
15 06/21/17 100% 100% 06/22/17
16 06/22/17 100% 100% 06/24/17
17 06/23/17 100% 6%
18 06/26/17
19 06/27/17
20 06/28/17
21 06/29/17
22 06/30/17
23 07/03/17
24 07/04/17
25 07/05/17
26 07/06/17
27 07/07/17
28 07/10/17
29 07/11/17
30 07/12/17

Subbed by neko^^ | Time/Segment by chuon chuon canh sen/neko^^| Edit/Style/Upload by kitkat


72 thoughts on “Paen Rai Long Tai Wa Rak แผนร้ายลงท้ายว่ารัก

  1. Khamira says:

    I really can´t express how thankful I am!!! You are subbing this lakorn so fast..and I can´t get enough of gets better and better with each episode. I just love this OTP.


  2. Shukmeister says:

    Uncle’s smile! Uncle’s bright face! I’m smitten. Dramarathoned the first 9 episodes in a 48-hour period. I never saw a synopsis but thought the posters looked like a potential SSK. But what a fun romp so far! Lots of couple teasing just makes me happy!

    No doubt it will turn dark, but right now, I am really enjoying the interaction of our pra’ek and na’ek. This is my first lakorn for both, but I’m already checking out some of Aun’s older works. If his smile was this pretty back then, it’s a wonder he’s not my first ThaiLove. (Although Chakrit has that spot forever)

    As always, Neko you are a beam of fantastic brilliance and speed, and have my thanks yet again for your hard work and the work of your team members. Su Su Fighting!

    Liked by 4 people

    • Shukmeister says:

      OMG. Ep 13 had me squealing like I was in high school again, which, trust me, was deep into last century. But Uncle surprise when Fah reached out to him, and his quick action covering her hand with both of his….[sigh] I’m really shipping you two kids! Stay strong!

      Liked by 2 people

      • Neko^^MeowMeow says:

        Lol! It’s also my first time watching anything of Aun’s! And I’m liking the Nang’ek Mae too. This lakorn really got me looking forward every Monday till Friday night! 😛
        I miss Chakrit in lakorn too. Now only get to see him in sitcom Pento!

        Liked by 2 people

        • Shukmeister says:

          I saw something with Chakrit and Tik that looked like some sort of upcoming show. But of course, without knowing the language, I had to shrug it off. I think it’s called “คู่ล่า 2 โลก”.

          He (and Tik and KenT) have tripped that dangerous “40” mark where the channels dump their hot ahjusshi’s into older brother or villain roles, sadly.

          I mostly watch Chakrit on Iron Chef Thailand. ^^

          Liked by 1 person

      • John Nadene Berger says:

        Love your post lol have me a giggle yes I’m quite into uncle too an he’s in my age bracket so I don’t feel like a dirty old perv grinning ear to ear watching him 😉
        It’s starting to get all exciting now especially since uncle knows why fak fah is really there. He’s just so besotted with her but when he catches himself being soft he tries to be hard again or teases her! So cute. It’s my first time watching both Aum an May. I really like them both they have great chemistry together.
        I’m so confused on the whole who killed the parents of tawain an fak fah’s dad. I don’t really feel it’s uncles brother. It’s to easy obviously there’s a story with the mother of tawain also a story behind pinks mother’s death. Now to piece it together an watch the evil plan ends with love.

        Liked by 3 people

        • Shukmeister says:

          Boo, my last long comment disappeared. Double boo.

          Aun is awesome in this, and out pra’naek is so cute together. The relationships in this lakorn are very twisty and complicated. Here’s a short list of my WAGs. Some overlap and some don’t even relate to others:

          (1) Fah and Wut are related through their father as half-siblings.
          (2) Nuk is actually Paat’s son because his mom was already pregnant when they broke up.
          (3) Wut’s mom is a daughter-in-law. Wut’s dad ran away from home because he was sick and tired of Evil Gramps emphasis on servitude for those beneath him. He didn’t realize she was pregnant at the time and Gramps blames her for his son’s defection and eventual death.
          (4) Wut and Nuk are half-brothers. Their dad was assassinated and the reason he brought in that Cray-Cray Dysfunctional family unit is that Gramps felt he needed an heir from his bloodline. Wut was out of wedlock, and Gramps didn’t discover Nuk until the police reached him of his son’s death.
          (5) Wut’s mom is Gramp’s biological daughter with a maid. Rather than get forced into a marriage of Gramp’s choosing, she ran away only to come back as a pregnant widow.


          • Neko^^MeowMeow says:

            LOL! You got pretty close with point number 5. Half of it is right. 😛 Should I just say it…. Hahahaha!

            Here’s the spoiler. Highlight text to read! 😛
            Tawan – The son to Itthitpon & Suthasanee Ritlueprakarn (Jao Sua Itthit’s daughter). Because of different of status that Jao Sua Itthit doesn’t agree to the relationship between Itthitpon & Suthasanee Ritlueprakarn. So they ended up fled/leave the family. Itthitpon & Suthasanee Ritlueprakarn was murdered and Tawan was adopted by Fak Fah & Nu’Dao’s family. And they grew up as siblings.
            Hathairat – Daughter of Jao Sua Itthit with a servant. Jao Sua Itthit thinks that the servant purposely trap him and therefore dislikes Hathairat too. Hathairat got married however her husband died when she was expecting Wut. And when she was trying to leave the house, she was gang raped while pregnant with Wut. (This is what Jariya is using to threaten Hathairat at the end of ep12) That’s why she went back to Jao Sua Itthit’s house and he welcome her back but in the status of servant.
            Apiwat – Pink & Pa’s father is just a child of a distance relative who Jao Sua Itthit adopted and was once promised to give his inheritance to. (That was before Tawan went back to stay with the family)

            Liked by 3 people

          • Shukmeister says:

            Neko – Thanks for the spoiler! It actually helps me with the motivation, or at least some of the interactions, between characters. That adopted branch of Evil Gramp’s family needs to be lopped off and thrown into the midden, for realz.

            Liked by 1 person

  3. Table122000 says:

    Thanks so much for subbing this drama! How many total episodes are there for this drama? I can’t find that information anywhere.


      • Table122000 says:

        Thanks so much for answering my question! I didn’t know that Thai dramas don’t announce the number of episodes. 30 episodes sounds like a good number to me as I’m not a fan of the really long dramas. I also watch Korean dramas and some of those can be 100 episodes! This drama is just right length for me with 30 eps. Really enjoying the drama. Thanks for all your hard work!


  4. John Nadene Berger says:

    Hey Neko
    Wow can’t believe you guys have already subbed ep 13 definitely owe you few cups of coffee 😉
    Btw I noticed dramanice has uploaded this lakorn with your subs. I put a message to those that had commented asking them to please support you an team subbing etc an to watch it at your site as you are the original eng subbers for this drama. Hope that’s ok. I want to help support your efforts in bringing us great subbed lakorns. Without you guys we couldn’t enjoy any lakorns 😀

    Liked by 4 people

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