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neko2play is a site to consolidate all video links that have been uploaded by the original subber with the consent of the subber for the ease of lakorn lover who prefer to stream than download.
We do not do any uploading of lakorn that does not belong to us. So please refrain from requesting lakorn or missing video to be uploaded.
Only completed subbed lakorn will be compiled into neko2play.

If there’s any broken link, please comment here.
Thank you.


43 Comments on “neko2play Comment Page

  1. Hello, is there anything you can do to fix Morrasoom Sawad links? I believe all of them are down or unavailable? Thanks

  2. Good evening,
    I come to you to ask if it would be possible to have the subtitles files where well tell me where I could procurers me preferences in English, please, for the lakorn “Tur Keu Prom Likit เธอ คือ พรหมลิขิต “.

    I would like to translate it into my language, which is “French”.
    Of course, without forgetting to credit you, thank you.

    PS | I did not know where to ask and I did not find the project on the site, only on the blog.

  3. Dear Admin, can you check series Namthaa Kammathep E12 END?
    The link is broken…

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