Leh Rak Bussaba เล่ห์รักบุษบา

Leh Rak BussabaLeh Rak Bussaba เล่ห์รักบุษบา
English Subbing Status as of December 16, 2018
Download @ alwaysmeena
Watch @ dailymotion (parts) or dailymotion (full)
Total Episodes : 15 eps
Airing Date : 28th October 2018 – 2nd December 2018 (Every Fri, Sat & Sun)
ใจร่ำร้อง / Jai Ram Rong (Heart Cries Out) by Mike Pataradet
ไม่มีข้อแม้ / Mai Mee Kor Mae (No Stipulation) by Metal Sukkhao
คนที่รักเธอก่อนใคร / Kon Tee Rak Tur Gon Krai (The Person who Love you before anyone else) by Phuriwat Namgsapmanee

Question: I can’t watch the video in Dailymotion! Dailymotion giving server error or etc…
Answer :
1) Check the link in this page if alternative link is provided.
2) If there’s no alternative link provided try the link later on or try it using a different browser.
3) Wait patiently for the alternative link to be uploaded. Thank you ^^
Ep Air
Time %
01 10/28/18 100% 100% 11/02/18 Part A / B
02 11/02/18 100% 100% 11/07/18 Part A / B
03 11/03/18 100% 100% 11/16/18 Part A / B
04 11/04/18 100% 100% 12/08/18 Part A / B
05 11/09/18 100% 100% 12/12/18 Part A / B
06 11/10/18 100% 100% 12/16/18 Part A / B
07 11/11/18 100% 51%
08 11/16/18 100% 20%
09 11/17/18 100% 14%
10 11/18/18 100% 20%
11 11/23/18 100% 26%
12 11/24/18 100% 15%
13 11/25/18 100% 14%
14 11/30/18 100% 19%
15 12/02/18 100% 14%

Subbed by neko^^ | Time/Segment by CHUỒN CHUỒN CÁNH SEN & FirstCS| Edit/Style/Upload by kitkat


69 Comments on “Leh Rak Bussaba เล่ห์รักบุษบา

    • Hi. Sorry to bother you. Neko does this on her spare and probably enjoys doing it. Let’s try not to add any stress to her life. We wouldn’t have access to this show if it wasn’t for her unless we were willing to pay and I think it wouldn’t even have the subtitles to help us understand. I usually just read a book or try to watch something else. Neko does an awesome job so lets show support by being patient. I think I have even treated her to coffee to show appreciation. Also I think Neko is just one person and not an actual team, but I may be wrong. Let us show her that we appreciate what she does for us.

  1. I’m enjoying this lakorn very much. Subbing team, thank you for your time and affort!

  2. Thank you so much Neko for subbing this and Mee Piang Rak . Loving both 😀

    • As far as I know, only neko had picked it up, most probably you will not find it elsewhere.

  3. Hi Neko. Is there anywhere that I can watch the raw? Ch3 has a youtube, but I can’t find one for ch7.

  4. Neko,thank you for subbing.🙏🏻
    why for this lakorn the update for subbing to slow?

  5. I’m loving this lakorn! <3 Thank you so much for subbing this !!!

  6. Hi neko, please can you continue to sub Plerng Rak Fai Marn . Please…. Other subbers dropped this lakorn. Thank you!

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