Khun Nu Reun Lek คุณหนูเรือนเล็ก

Khun Nu Reun LekKhun Nu Reun Lek คุณหนูเรือนเล็ก
English Subbing Completed as of April 14, 2019
Watch @ dailymotion
Total Episodes : 15 eps 
Airing Date : 26th November 2018 – 15th January 2019 (Every Monday & Tuesday)
เป็นเธอได้ไหม / Bpen Tur Dai Mai (Can it be you?) by Saree Somvimala
คนที่เเสนธรรมดา / Kon Tee Saen Tummadah (An Extremely Average Person) by Pause ft. Na Polycat
รู้มั้ย? / Roo Mai (Do You Know?) by No One Else
ฉันต้องคิดถึงเธอแบบไหน / Chun Dtaung Kit Teung Tur Baep Nai (How Should I Think of You?) by Ink Waruntorn
วันที่ฉันพบเธอ / Wun Tee Chun Pob Tur (The Day I Met You) by Ruj Suparuj ft. Knomjean
ให้เธอ…(ลืม) /Hai Tur…(Leum) [For you… (To forget)] by PLY Triton

Ep Air
Time %
01 11/26/18 100% 100% 01/06/19 LINK
02 11/27/18 100% 100% 01/11/19 LINK
03 12/03/18 100% 100% 02/09/19 LINK
04 12/04/18 100% 100% 02/12/19 LINK
05 12/10/18 100% 100% 02/24/19 LINK
06 12/11/18 100% 100% 03/05/19 LINK
07 12/17/18 100% 100% 04/06/19 LINK
08 12/18/18 100% 100% 04/08/19 LINK
09 12/24/18 100% 100% 04/09/19 LINK
10 12/25/18 100% 100% 04/10/19 LINK
11 12/31/18 100% 100% 04/11/19 LINK
12 01/01/19 100% 100% 04/12/19 LINK
13 01/07/19 100% 100% 04/13/19 LINK
14 01/08/19 100% 100% 04/14/19 LINK
15 01/15/19 100% 100% 04/13/19 LINK

Subbed by neko^^ | Time/Segment by CHUỒN CHUỒN CÁNH SEN| Edit/Style/Upload by kitkat


63 Comments on “Khun Nu Reun Lek คุณหนูเรือนเล็ก

  1. Thank you so much for subbing Khun Nu Reun Lee. It’s a great lakorn.

  2. omg!!! its already finished subbed. i’m so tempted to marathon this one already, but i must wait until i’ve finished my ojt training first!!! >.<

    thanks for this neko!!! <3

  3. Woah! What a pleasant surprise. Just saw that episodes 10-13 are available … time for me to marathon them haha 😛 Thank you again neko and team for subbing and timing and encoding and all the other stuff you guys do behind the scenes to provide us with these subbed videos <3

  4. Hi Neko, the lick for Episode 11 takes me to episode 12, as does the link for Episode 12. Thank you for your work.

  5. Thank you, neko! I can’t believe it’s almost over!! I hope herm, wa and that damn annoying niece of hers gets put in place!!!!! I hate them so much! & i hope San continues to back stab them and tell the truth……….. So muchhhh has to happen soon before it ends! Like thaywat finding out who his grandpa and dad is, then the house angels will get to see each other again! And the finding out how the real will be revealed!! And how they will solve the dads murder … Omg!!! 😂 how will all this come in the last 3 episodes!

    • Oh! All that will surely happen! I’m super annoyed with Nan she just couldn’t get it! Kindda pity Rangsan tho. He’s not such a bad soul after all!

  6. Thanks for episode 9 neko and team! It confirmed my theories about how Taywat was related to the grandfather. Excited to see what will happen in upcoming episodes! ^_^

  7. Thank you. Hope you are having a great day and an even better tomorrow

  8. Hi Stupid me, only glanced at this one and just noted that the lead is an actor is from one I just watched, Koo Prab Chabaonb Hua Jai . Great work for that one by the way. So here I am. Thank you for everything but can I ask a question. Will all episodes from episode 7 be only in dailymotion file?

    • Yes there will be alternative link too. I haven’t get a chance to work on it yet! ^^

  9. Thank you for episodes 7 and 8! I wonder how Taywat was able to see Khun Nu?

      • Hehe … I’m so tempted to say yes! But, I also want to be surprised. What’s a girl to do?!? Lol… I’ll just wait ^_^

        • I think once I release ep9 you’d probably be able to guess how all the relationship fall into pieces. But exactly how he can see the rukataywada that would probably be in the last 2 eps! ^^’

  10. Hi neko! I’m not sure who i can even ask but other places never really reply… i was wondering if you knew which group/site is subbing tukatha pee?! I’ve been waiting since Muse dropped it saying it was being taken over from another group and then turned into Being able to sub on YouTube but it’s not there? And the other group disappeared comepletly 😩

    …. anyways thank you tons for your hard work on Khun nu ruen lek! I feel your pain when i see the below comments of beggars 🤣

  11. I’ll wait and watch it after you release the new subs neko thank you so much for the subs and for everything

  12. uh oh… someone did something to Neko.. the HOUSE RULES has been added to the post above!

    • haha I had the same exact reaction! we should all be grateful that Neko decided to sub this lakorn. i know that we’re all really excited to watch the next episode, but we should all be patient – it’ll be worth the wait! there’s always the option of watching the other subbed lakorns done by Neko, thippy, MUSE, etc. while we wait for this one. ^_^

      • You girls get me! Guess you have been around long enough to know my trend! 😛 I don’t like people rushing me or telling me what to do. It kill the fun out of subbing for me!

      • I totally agree … Neko is hard working… the less we can do is to be patient and thanksfull !

  13. Hi Neko, are you still subbing Khun Nu Reun Lek. Please Let me know

    • All progress are already updated in the chart above! If it’s not there then it’s not subbed yet. I don’t know if anyone else is subbing this lakorn. If you want to watch my sub project, all I’m asking is just to play by my house rules! I usually complete what I started unless someone decided to break my rules!

  14. Can you sub Khun Nu Reun Lek or someone else is subbing this lakorn. Please neko let me know. I really want to watch this lakorn.

  15. What is goining on with this lakorn and why is it not sub. I wanted to see episode 6,7,8., but it has not been sub since the 5 of March. Please let me know who is subbing this lakorn Khun Nu Reun Lek.

  16. Hi Neko, please sub Fai Hima with Louis Hesse and Vaithayanon . I think this is a good lakorn. I’m looking forward this lakorn. Thank you so much…

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