Khun Nu Reun Lek คุณหนูเรือนเล็ก

Khun Nu Reun LekKhun Nu Reun Lek คุณหนูเรือนเล็ก
English Subbing Status as of March 10, 2019
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Total Episodes : 15 eps 
Airing Date : 26th November 2018 – 15th January 2019 (Every Monday & Tuesday)
เป็นเธอได้ไหม / Bpen Tur Dai Mai (Can it be you?) by Saree Somvimala
คนที่เเสนธรรมดา / Kon Tee Saen Tummadah (An Extremely Average Person) by Pause ft. Na Polycat
รู้มั้ย? / Roo Mai (Do You Know?) by No One Else
ฉันต้องคิดถึงเธอแบบไหน / Chun Dtaung Kit Teung Tur Baep Nai (How Should I Think of You?) by Ink Waruntorn
วันที่ฉันพบเธอ / Wun Tee Chun Pob Tur (The Day I Met You) by Ruj Suparuj ft. Knomjean

Question: I can’t watch the video in Dailymotion! Dailymotion giving server error or etc…
Answer :
1) Check the link in this page if alternative link is provided.
2) If there’s no alternative link provided try the link later on or try it using a different browser.
3) Wait patiently for the alternative link to be uploaded. Thank you ^^

Ep Air
Time %
01 11/26/18 100% 100% 01/06/19 LINK
02 11/27/18 100% 100% 01/11/19 LINK
03 12/03/18 100% 100% 02/09/19 LINK
04 12/04/18 100% 100% 02/12/19 LINK
05 12/10/18 100% 100% 02/24/19 LINK
06 12/11/18 100% 100% 03/05/19 LINK
07 12/17/18 100% 23%
08 12/18/18 100% 19%
09 12/24/18 100% 17%
10 12/25/18 100% 14%
11 12/31/18 100% 11%
12 01/01/19 100% 22%
13 01/07/19 100% 11%
14 01/08/19 100% 9%
15 01/15/19 100% 12%

Subbed by neko^^ | Time/Segment by CHUỒN CHUỒN CÁNH SEN| Edit/Style/Upload by kitkat


31 Comments on “Khun Nu Reun Lek คุณหนูเรือนเล็ก

  1. Is Bitter Kisses subbing from your website or from their website? I really want to watch the rest of ep 5. Could you please finish it.

  2. Hi nekomeowmeow I would like to know if u want my bugaboo account with all the drama is just that I’m going away and I won’t b able to use it and btw it’s not sub email me

  3. Can you please finish subbing ep 5. I am on pens and needles waiting to see what happens next. Thanks Neko for all your hard work. You are the best.

  4. Hi Neko, could you please translate the name of lakorn please!!
    Khun Nu, means AFAIK, young master (feminine gender), what does the rest of the name mean??

  5. Thanks neko and timing team for episodes 3 and 4 🙂 I’m loving the plot so far!!!

  6. Hi Neko, please sub wihok lhong lom, this is another nice lakorn. Thank you.

  7. Hi Neko, can you sub unforgotten love (ruk mai leum). Looking forward to see this lakorn. Thank you.

    • Neko is probably focusing on the other project she’s subbing (Patiharn Rak Kam Kob Fah). She’ll come back to subbing Khun Nu eventually. She always finishes every project she says she’s going to sub. So don’t worry – it’s going to get subbed. 🙂

  8. Hi Neko, can you sub unforgotten love? It looks nice this lakorn. I hope that you will sub this. Thank you!

      • They have many unfinished sub lakorn. I hope you are the one to sub unforgotten love please… You are the fastest subber and we enjoy all your project.

        • Neko you are the best subber! Thank you for your hard work! We really appreciate your effort and you made many lakorn lovers happy.

      • You mention Bitter Kisses will be subbing this lakorn. .What is the website address.

  9. From trailer this look solo interesting I will add it to watching list thank you so much Neko

  10. Thank you so much for picking this up. Been watching short clips on IG and they look really cute together!

  11. thank you ,thanwa is one of my fav actor.thanks for picking this up.

  12. i like thanwa, looking forward to see this lakorn. thank you for considering to sub it.

  13. Nice Neko, new lakorn. I hope this is a good lakorn like the other finished lakorn that you subbed. Thank you! You always makes our days happy. We truly appreciated it.

    • Thanks dear. Nothing in the ch3 line up interest me after TSC. An alternative to work on just in case I’m bored with Dindaen! Haven’s seen Thanwa in action for sometime already! 😛

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