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Come sign neko^^ guess book….
Leave neko^^ an encouraging words or two, comment, suggestion, feedback or maybe request!
Constructive one please, as neko^^ can be real petty (at most of the times)!
Bare in mind that not all request will be fulfilled as neko^^ have genre and pra’ek/nang’ek preference.
And thank you for watching neko^^ Meow Meow projects. Neko^^ hope you enjoy it!

I’ve been receiving a lot of repeat request for certain lakorn/series which I have no intention or interest in subbing at random pages of the blog. So I’m just going to summarize it here for everyone’s easy reference.

neko^^ will not sub these following lakorn….
1) Barb Rak Talay Fun
2) Phu Pha Prai Mai
3) Mai Sin Rai Fai Sawart
4) Any Club Friday part
5) Muad Opas
6) ATM Error

Or any lakorn which are currently being work on or put on hold by other subbers such as Raeng Tawan, Ngao Asoke, Nang Ai….
Please be respectful and be understanding to the original subber.  I understand that sometimes the releases might not be as fast as you anticipated but this is a free fansub and we subbers are doing this during our free time. We do have our personal life and other commitment too! 😉

Favourite Genre : Romantic Comedy

Last Updated : 19th Aug 2017


510 Comments on “Guest Book

  1. hello please can you guys help us sub weir’s dramas i checked most of his drama but there don’t have english subtitles thank you in advance

  2. Hi Neko,

    you seem to be quite hard-worker, I download and watch a lot of lakorns so I see a lot of your work.

    Only thing I wish for is sometimes being able to adjust the subtitle font.. But Alwaysmeena lately uploads only hardsubbed videos.

    For some reason, you also translate the songs. I really don’t see the point of having the lyrics translated all the time, aren’t we all interested in the dialogues?

    What’s the point of having half the screen covered with text of a song playing in there for the eleventh time?

    The same lyrics over a over.. Such a hard work for the subber and only annoyed view for the viewer. Because the hardsubbed subs cannot be switched off..

    I think you could save yourself a great deal of work.
    Best regards.

    • There’s no point to comment the same thing over and over again even by using a different user name! (Your IP add still remain the same!) No matter how many people or only one people is asking for this. I mean it when I say “It’s either my way of sub (hardsub) or you can always watch this without sub! 😈” Next comment asking for this will straight mark as spam! Thanks for your understanding!

    • I for one appreciate the lyric translations that neko puts in. It make me understand the meaning of the background music and why its apt for that particular scenes. And saying half the screen being covered by lyrics translation is kinda an exaggeration, don’t you think?

      • Thanks for the constructive comment! These are the type of comments which makes me su su! 😉

    • Thippy is subbing Chuamong Tongmon and SJDK is subbing Bupphae Sunniwat

  3. hi there! can you sub Sam Bai Mai Thao please?:(( there’s no one that sub that

  4. Hey! Just wanted to thank you and let you know you are a gift from the heavens!!! Thanks for all the hard work, time, and effort.

  5. Hi, Thankyou for all your hardwork! I was just wondering whether you would be able to sub Duang Jai Pisut or know of anyone who is?

  6. Hi, do you think of subbing Nang Chada, Maya Rasamee and Duay Rang Athitarn ?

  7. Hi,
    Could you kindly sub in English the following lakorn.
    1. Rak Nee Hua Jai Rao Jong with Janie Tienphosuwan and Ken Theeradeth Wonpuapan (Ch.3 2007).
    2. Dork kaew gah lhong
    3. Phloeng Rak Fai Man (2017)

  8. Hello neko really appreciate ur work can u plzzzzz sub thang phan kammathep 2015 version.

  9. Hye neko^… i just wanna say thank for this subbed lakorn.. Most of the lakorn you subbed is what i been looking for. Simple talk, You just save my day.. Thank you alot.. 😍😍

  10. If possible can put English subtitles on a Thai drama called Bangrajun, it’s one of those Thai dramas that is difficult to find English subtitling, please.

    P.S. I love your website I finally watch my Thai dramas and have a better understanding of what is going on in the drama, instead of guessing what is happening.

  11. Hello,

    I would love you to provide download links, as alwaysmeena stopped posting on their site.

    I would love you to consider providing soft-subbed version for us.

    If you think you protect your work better by hardsubbing it, then I’m afraid you only make it easier for streaming sites to upload your work.

    The softsubbed links are smarter as you need to have the srt file to watch it. It’s just allowing us THE VIEWERS to adjust the font of your subtitles for our view, as all of us have different eyes and would sometimes prefer other style and size of the subs. Think about that. Please.

    Thank you for all the hard work! (Personally I don’t care for the songs to be translated, too, but nonetheless.)

    Love lakorns;)

    P.S. I know you don’t want to disrespect the original subbers but as for Ngao Asoke 2016, Rainbow officially dropped it and now what happens to such lakorn? Will nobody ever sub it? So sad…

  12. Hi ! Do you think you could sub Duay Rang Athitarn and Maya Rasamee ?

  13. Hello,

    I just wanted to say thank you for your hard work here. You do a really great job. Your passion for thai dramas is amazing. Keep going 🙂

  14. Hi is there any chance you can sub Dao Lhong Fah Pupaa See Nger in English please, I’ve tried to find it on other websites but there’s nothing. Thank you

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