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Come sign neko^^ guess book….
Leave neko^^ an encouraging words or two, comment, suggestion, feedback or maybe request!
Constructive one please, as neko^^ can be real petty (at most of the times)!
Bare in mind that not all request will be fulfilled as neko^^ have genre and pra’ek/nang’ek preference.
And thank you for watching neko^^ Meow Meow projects. Neko^^ hope you enjoy it!

I’ve been receiving a lot of repeat request for certain lakorn/series which I have no intention or interest in subbing at random pages of the blog. So I’m just going to summarize it here for everyone’s easy reference.

neko^^ will not sub these following lakorn….
1) Barb Rak Talay Fun
2) Phu Pha Prai Mai
3) Mai Sin Rai Fai Sawart
4) Any Club Friday part
5) Muad Opas
6) ATM Error

Or any lakorn which are currently being work on or put on hold by other subbers such as Raeng Tawan, Ngao Asoke, Nang Ai….
Please be respectful and be understanding to the original subber.  I understand that sometimes the releases might not be as fast as you anticipated but this is a free fansub and we subbers are doing this during our free time. We do have our personal life and other commitment too! 😉

Favourite Genre : Romantic Comedy

Last Updated : 19th Aug 2017


510 Comments on “Guest Book

  1. please can you do subs for A Kill To Love 2017?
    thank you

  2. I know that this is an older lakorn but the woman that plays the ‘crazy’ mom is one of my favorites(loved her in So Sanaeha), could you consider subbing Khing Goor Ra Khar Goor Raeng?

  3. Hi Neko, im Gian from the Philippines. I so love this site of yours. It really helps my boredom. You always choose the best projects that would make us happy. I recommended this site to my friends too. They also go here and watch Thai 🙂

  4. Thanks for all ur good and relentless effort in subbing – can u know anything abt the drama sai lub lub abb- status I see only 1 ep sub or u know who was subbing it since like boy – dramas that’s why hope u will kindly see it

  5. Hello neko^^ meow meow! I’m from Indonesia and recently I love watching lakorns, and BIG THANKS to you for providing the english subtitle for the lakorns (since sadly I have no idea what they are saying). Yeay! I really appreciate it!! :)) I hope you enjoy your vacation na ka 😀

    ah yes, by the way I wonder. If you plan to sub a lakorn, do you discuss it first with the other subbers? Or you just announce it directly that you’re going to sub it?

  6. You’re doing a great job!!!! Thanks for the English subs since I don’t understand Thai …… can you sub the new Thai lakron you’re my destiny English please…. greatly appreciated… keep up the good work you made the whole word happy👍👍👍👍

  7. hai neko, first of all thanks for subbing the lakorns and yours subs is superb since i watch paem wai long tai wa rak from your channel can you please sub Mia Tuean (The Illicit Wife) ?? searching this lakorn at all over the web but there is no eng sub added make me frustrated and make me want to learn thai so bad so that I dont have any problem with unsubbed lakorn anymore.

    • if you go on fb at all you can go to alwaysmeena fb page then go to the videos and look through the playlist she has it’s there

  8. Hey Neko I know you only choose to sub what you want but you might be interested in subbing Luerd Ruk Toranong (starring Pope and Diana). I looking for everywhere and it seems that no one want or interested in subbing it. I wish you considered my request. Thank you anyway!
    Wish you have a great holiday and take care!

  9. Can you sub the rest of tae pang korn 2017? I have been waiting for ep 15-21 to be subbed but I cannot find it anywhere.

  10. hi neko meowmeow, I saw rak Gan phalawan lakorn, is it new drama? it is on your name, but i can’t see this drama in here… i love the actress, thanks for subbing this lakorn. please … i want to watch

  11. Hi, just wondering will you be subbing you are my destiny as i saw you posted the eng sub trailer on you dailymotion account.

  12. First I would like to give you my heart felt thanks for not only your hard work but also the gift you continue to give and reach out to others… You have no idea just what it means… Also I was wondering if there is a reason I cannot find Rak Nakara the newer one anywhere with subs. It looks to be a good story but I have looked everywhere and was hoping you might know where it could be found with Eng. subs. Also just love Massaya and thanks to you I am able to watch and understand it… Thanks so much!!!!

  13. hai neko^^..tq so much for your hardwork in subbing thai lakorn..i would like to request you to subb thai lakorn Tae Pang Korn..or can u tell me where i can make a formal or an official request in your blog? i really love this lakorn..i search the eng sub for this lakorn throughly but eng sub only in ep 1 to ep 14 only..i hope you will grant my wish..tq neko and i hope to get your positive respond 🙂

  14. @Neko. Welcome back! Are you subbing this one next? Rak Gan Phalawan รักกันพัลวัน. Saw your teaser, they are so cute. Never seen them both before? Such a cute couple! If you do, that would be great. Either way, thank you!!! :). I keep watching the teaser, haha…

  15. Hi, I’ve really enjoyed some of the dramas you have subtitled. I was wondering where the “Status” picture on your front page is from? Is it a drama or just a funny picture you found? It’s the one with Mick Thongraya(?) on the right with a woman to his left, they are leaning or sitting and they’re both acting surprised or yelling or screaming. I tried reverse image searching and looking through the list of drama’s he’s been in but couldn’t find an answer.

  16. I really love that you are subbing! im half thai and im still learning.. this helps me alot too!
    I love Mussaya and i hope that u can sub episode 9 soon, all though i understand you may have alot to do other than subbing, but i will be waiting and you are doind such a good job!!! 🙂

  17. One question that I do have, I see that Neko subbers has a set of Pa’ek and Na’ek that you guys follow and sub there lakorns, Is it possible to find out who’s on the list?

    • Good question. Hmmm… I just started watching lakorn these recent years. Instead of likes I’ll probably update with the list of dislikes instead. Stay tune. 🤣🤣🤣

      • LOL! I got stuck with this one… As I keep on changing my preference. So I decided to list the genre that I like instead 😛 😛 😛

  18. I just want to say thank you so much for your hard work in subbing lakorns and sharing it with all of us who don’t understand Thai as much. I’m sure everyone is appreciated.

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