Game Payabaht เกมพยาบาท

Game Payabaht

Game Payabaht เกมพยาบาท [Game of Vengeance]
Subbing completed as of June 2, 2017
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Watch @ dailymotion Or HD Dailymotion
Total Episodes : 18
Airing Date : Apr 5, 2017 – June 1, 2017
คนน่าเลิฟ / Kor Cheewit (I Want My Life) by Pook Sararin

Ep Air
Time %
1 04/05/17 100% 100% 10/12/16 Link
2 04/06/17 100% 100% 04/07/17 Link
3 04/12/17 100% 100% 04/13/17 Link
4 04/13/17 100% 100% 04/14/17 Link
5 04/19/17 100% 100% 04/21/17 Link
6 04/20/17 100% 100% 04/22/17 Link
7 04/26/17 100% 100% 04/27/17 Link
8 04/27/17 100% 100% 04/28/17 Link
9 05/03/17 100% 100% 05/04/17 Link
10 05/04/17 100% 100% 05/05/17 Link
11 05/10/17 100% 100% 05/14/17 Link
12 05/11/17 100% 100% 05/12/17 Link
13 05/17/17 100% 100% 05/18/17 Link
14 05/18/17 100% 100% 05/19/17 Link
15 05/24/17 100% 100% 05/25/17 Link
16 05/25/17 100% 100% 05/26/17 Link
17 05/31/17 100% 100% 06/01/17 Link
18 06/01/17 100% 100% 06/02/17 Link

Subbed by neko^^ | Time/Segment by neko^^ & Annie Cat | Edit/Style/Upload by kitkat


270 Comments on “Game Payabaht เกมพยาบาท

  1. Hi!
    Thank you for all your effort
    I would like to know if u could translate barbrak talay fun
    Tnks again.

    • OMG! I keep on getting request for this one! But unfortunately this is a definite no as I don’t know any of the lead! 😛

  2. hello good day to you . i really glad and without words great that you have subbed so much lakorn right here, that i wanted to see and could not find on most lakorn website, and that you have many things in you life to do but could you please or hopefully soon will be soon subbing {kluen cheewit =waves of life } thank you so much you are awsome and i thank you soo much ,belive without you i would not be able to enjoy all these great lakorn.

  3. Dear neko ^^ , how long is the episode 3 will broadcast on channel CH8 ??? . Thank you so much 🙂

    • There’s still no announcement from ch8 but if my speculation is right it should be right after the end of Jao Sao Chapor Kit rerun. Which is most likely in another 2 weeks. Will post update when there’s any! ^^

  4. Dear neko, could you please keep uploading game payabaht ? please ? thank you

  5. Thank you for updating us! Well, at least we can enjoy your other projects while we wait for Game Phayabat to resume next year.

  6. Hope this interesting lakorn will continue to have english subbing. Your hard work is appreciated. Thank you

  7. dear neko, can you please subs raeng tawan lakorn? i have been searching for that lakorn for a longest time,, for some reason, everybody from other website stop subbing that lakorn after episode 5,, please i’m begging you,, please subs raeng tawan lakorn,, i know your dedication towards lakorn.. i know when you are into some lakorn, you will do it till the end,, i love that lakorn soo much that i’m dying to see it till the end,, aum and sirin in that lakorn are so good.. please start subbing it,, not just for me, but for all the lakorn lover,, i’m sure there is more raeng tawan lover out there that have been looking for this lakorn as much as i do,, i hope you consider my request,,

    • As far as I know, JL Subbing team is still working on this one. Guess you’ll just need to be patient and wait for them to release new episodes! 😉

  8. dear neko meow meow, can you please subs lakorn raeng tawan? i have been searching for the lakorn for a while now,, and everybody has stopped subbing it after episode 5,, i know your dedication towards lakorn and when you put your heart into some lakorn, you are going to do it till the end,, i hope you can consider my request cause i love raeng tawan lakorn soo much,, aum and sirin are so good in that lakorn that i have to watch it till the end,, pleaseeee,,, i’m begging you,, please subs raeng tawan lakorn,, not just for me, but for all the lakorn lover,, i’m sure there is more raeng tawan lover that have been searching the remaining episode of that lakorn same as me,,

    • I have been watching this to at they have up to ep 6. However if you can’t wait you can watch raw on youtube as you read each ep off my son taught me to split the screen so I can wach and read at the same time. Good luck

  9. Do you know when this lakorn is going to resume? I cannot find the raw version anywhere online considering it’s been a bit more than 1 month since the mourning of the late king. I wonder when they’ll resume this lakorn. Thanks!

    • Oh forgive me. I should’ve double check the comment section. I swear I didn’t see any comments until after I submitted my comment. Sorry about that. But what a pity that they’re not going to continue airing the lakorn until next year or so. 🙁

  10. Hi neko , l heard today that all the channels can resume their usual programming starting from today .if it’s true , will they countinue airing this lakorn since it’s a slap and kiss ?

    • Yes they have resumed airing lakorn however only those that they deem fit to air. Ch8 have just announced that Game Payabaht and Rabam Fai will only resume early next year. 🙁 🙁 🙁

        • So neko, until late march will their be new lakorn airing in it’s place?

          • There’s no exact date next year to resume this. At the moment Ch8 is showing rerun of Jao Sao Chapor Kit. Guess we’ll just have to wait patiently! :$

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