Game Payabaht เกมพยาบาท

Game Payabaht

Game Payabaht เกมพยาบาท [Game of Vengeance]
Subbing completed as of June 2, 2017
Get it @ alwaysmeena
Watch @ dailymotion Or HD Dailymotion
Total Episodes : 18
Airing Date : Apr 5, 2017 – June 1, 2017
คนน่าเลิฟ / Kor Cheewit (I Want My Life) by Pook Sararin

Ep Air
Time %
1 04/05/17 100% 100% 10/12/16 Link
2 04/06/17 100% 100% 04/07/17 Link
3 04/12/17 100% 100% 04/13/17 Link
4 04/13/17 100% 100% 04/14/17 Link
5 04/19/17 100% 100% 04/21/17 Link
6 04/20/17 100% 100% 04/22/17 Link
7 04/26/17 100% 100% 04/27/17 Link
8 04/27/17 100% 100% 04/28/17 Link
9 05/03/17 100% 100% 05/04/17 Link
10 05/04/17 100% 100% 05/05/17 Link
11 05/10/17 100% 100% 05/14/17 Link
12 05/11/17 100% 100% 05/12/17 Link
13 05/17/17 100% 100% 05/18/17 Link
14 05/18/17 100% 100% 05/19/17 Link
15 05/24/17 100% 100% 05/25/17 Link
16 05/25/17 100% 100% 05/26/17 Link
17 05/31/17 100% 100% 06/01/17 Link
18 06/01/17 100% 100% 06/02/17 Link

Subbed by neko^^ | Time/Segment by neko^^ & Annie Cat | Edit/Style/Upload by kitkat


274 Comments on “Game Payabaht เกมพยาบาท

  1. Superb drama.. I love it very very much… Thanks from Sri lanka

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  3. All the openload links don’t work it says that the content had been deleted please please HELP

  4. thank you for subbing would like to download but alwaysmeena doesn’t have all the episodes can you send them please. thanks

    • I was too busy with the subbing of new projects. Only yesterday that I have time to re-time all eps to the new HD RAW. It should be in kitkat’s next batch release. Thank you for being patient! 😉

  5. is it possible to subtitles barbrak talay fun 2017?

  6. is there anyone here who’d be willing to sub Khat Chueak. There are loads of raw videos of it online but no one’s subbing it :(. It looks good, has Bow and Mik in it and has a growing fanbase. If anyone is willing that would mean a lot. There are more people waiting for it than not.

  7. please indonesia subtitle…i dont understand thai subtitle

  8. You are amazing!!! I was so excited that you subbed this as well!! Because of you I was able to watch Karn La Krang Neung Nair Hua Jai! It was so clean and beautiful. I’m Asian, but I’m Indian and it’s so amazing to be able to watch Lakorns. They are a real pleasure for me. If you don’t mind me asking, would you ever consider subbing Raeng Tawan, Talay Rissaya, and Barb Rak Talay Fun in the future? Thank you for subbing Lakorns for us, we appreciate it more than I can ever say.

    • I meant “Nai” Hua Jai…sorry, automatic spellcheck is a pain at times!

    • Goodness, I forgot one-Kularb Tud Petch was another. Pardon my multiple posts! I don’t see an editing feature. Again, thanks for taking time to do this for us and sorry for cluttering up your board!

  9. BIG THANK YOU to you neko…. despite you might be busy handling your own personal life but you and the team able to subbing the lakorn till the final episode.. plus you sub it so fast!!! <3

    For this lakorn, at first a lot of us though it's going to have same story mode/line with jam loy ruk but it is indeed has different story mode and development.. But I must say that the ending not totally give strong vibe or impact on me.. as we can see the ending scene in the credit.. hehe (but this is only my opinion).. In addition, I though I might not seen Khun Adun in final episode as he missing for awhile in one/two episode before the last episode.. (well I quite miss him 😛 )…

    Once again thank you 😀

    • hye neko2.
      im your big fan from Moscow.
      But i cant watch game payabaht from here as RUSSIA FEDERATION has blocked DailyMotion.
      Can you please upload at your blog using other video player?

      your fan,

  10. thanks so much for subbing this one. ive seen all of film’s subbed lakorns and not sure what it is about him but I seriously love the guy. also i thought this was one of the better of his recent lakorns…was wondering would you considered subbing rai rak payak kungfu with susie from a few years ago been hoping someone would pick it up for awhile but nobody ever did.
    oh and random but every time I see Oh on screen it makes me want to rewatch tomorrow ill still love you =)

  11. Thank you for subbing this despite there being a huge gap from when it initially started airing and when it finished airing. You’re the best!

  12. Wnat to say a BIG thank you for subbing this excellent drama….i never realised how attractive Film was….of to see his other works that you have subbed.

  13. Thank you so much for subbing this drama that is indulging more my interest in Thai Lakorn. Honestly, I haven’t seen many (This is the 3rd), and I find myself finding more good dramas like this to watch. Can you recommend me other dramas like this? I’d appreciate it so much! ^^
    Ohh, and also can I ask if I can and how can download your subbed videos? I’d like to keep copies of dramas that I like for future binge watching when I’m happy, sad or bored. It’s one of the things I look forward to everyday.

    P.S. You are definitely amazing! You don’t have to put yourself pressure just to sub dramas, we viewers can wait and were thankful enough that you sub dramas and share it to us. Hope you’ll continue what you always do. 🙂 Much Love xx

    • These are some of my all time favourite from the similar genre. Some are a bit older lakorn but thanks to kitkat from alwaysmeena, she have released it using DVD video source instead for better video quality.
      Likit Kammathep (2007), Jam Leuy Rak (2008), Sawan Biang (2008), Wong Wien Hua Jai (2009), Roy Lae Sanae Luang (2013), Sanaeha Sunya Khaen (2014)

      Or perhaps you can check out two of my other subbed project which does have slap/kiss element too…
      Mon Rak Asoon (2016) and Kon La Kop Fah (2016)

      I’m waiting for Ch8 to release it in 1080p. So far they have only released up to eps 12. Once I’ve rework on the new video raws you’ll be able to download it from

      • CELYN32 – I have watched most of the lakorns that our Neko mentioned. Of those, my three recommendations are MRA, KLKF, and WWHJ, especially for someone new to the SK (SlapKiss) genre. The others are excellent shows, but much darker.

        My number one favorite of this list is Jam Leuy Rak. I also look at it as the original “kidnapped to a deserted island” story line that you see popping up everywhere else, even in GP. lol. Enjoy your lakorn watching!

  14. Nooo it’s over! Thank you so much Neko. You sub with lighting speed lol.

  15. Game Payabaht marked the 20th completed subbed project by neko^^
    Even though I agree that the last two episodes are unnecessary, but as Film’s fan and loving him as Akkee, I don’t complaint when I get to see him a bit longer! 😛
    Overall I have fun subbing this one and it’s probably one of the most smooth sailing lakorn that I’ve subbed so far! Of course this will not happen without the help of Annie Cat in timing and kitkat in encoding these videos. Hope you have a blast time watching! ^^

    • Thank you and the team for all of your hard work!!😁😁 what y’all do is so amazing! Fyi-I am also a big Film fan 💕

    • A hundred coffees and a thousands photos of shirtless Great to you!!! Thank you for (as usual) a brilliant job, that allows people on the other side of the world to enjoy Asian dramas. Smoochies. I look forward to your next project!

  16. Hi Neko!! Thank you so much for your hardwork in subbing the drama! I really love Film’s acting and would really to watch his other works (apart from Moon Rak Asoon and i think some others that i cant remember the title).
    I’d really love to watch Film in the slap/kiss lakorn “Mia Tuean” but i cant seem to find full eng sub anywhere online. Most of them were subbed till episode 8-10 or so. Would by any chance be interested in subbing Mia Tuean’s lakorn? Or do you know where can i find fully subbed episodes online?
    Would appreciate it if you can!! <3

    • Mia Tuean “was” completely subbed once upon a time in viki! However the channel was deleted due to copyright. As much as I like Film and Koy, sorry I won’t waste my time on series which were subbed previously. Guess your hope would be if alwaysmeena add this in the future lakorn list 😛

    • hi vanessa. i might be able to help u out with mia tuean. i believe it is fully subbed on daily motion or at least it was. do u have a email addy? Also I grabbed it before it was deleted on viki. 😉

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