I’ve been asked very often regarding what’s my next project or if I’m going to sub a certain project. So I guess the very least I could do is to come up with my very own subbing wish list of what I will/might/won’t be interested to sub.
*Please note that this list is not definite and are subject to changes. Some of the lakorn will not even be schedule to air this year.
Will consider dropping the project if any other subber is interested in picking it up!
In the case when there’s two or more lakorn in the list happen to air at the same time. Usually the one with my fave pra’ek/nang’ek will precede. I usually favor daily lakorn over prime time lakorn. Ch7 lakorn over Ch3 lakorn. Or anything that doesn’t air more than an hour.


Mee Piang Rak Secret Moon [มีเพียงรัก Secret Moon] – Ken Theeradeth & Toey Jarinporn (On Air: 21st October) TEASER
Trabap See Chompoo [ตราบาปสีชมพู] – Pon Nawasch & Bua Nalinthip
Leh Rak Bussaba [เล่ห์รักบุษบา]- Mike Pataradet & Peak Pattarasaya TEASER
Rarerng Chon [ระเริงชล]– Pop Thagoon & Mew Laknara
More likely to air next year as these lakorn have just started/still filming
Lhong Ngao Jan [หลงเงาจันทร์]- Thanwa Suriyajak, Sammy Cowell
Mon Gaan Bandaan Rak [มนตร์กาลบันดาลรัก]- Mik Tongraya & Bow Maylada (Thippy is also interested in this too^^)


Meo Me & You  [Meo Me & You แมวของเขาและรักของเรา] – Ken Phupoom & Esther Supreeleela (On Air : 20th October) TEASER
Khun Nu Reun Lek [คุณหนูเรือนเล็ก] – Thanwa Suriyajak & Pupe Kessarin
Majurat Holiday [มัจจุราชฮอลิเดย์]– Film Rattapoom & Fai Werulee
Pom Rak Salub Huajai [ปมรักสลับหัวใจ]– Andrew Gregson & Cheer Thikumporn
More likely to air next year as these lakorn have just started/still filming
Pachara Montra [พชรมนต์ตรา]– Weir Sukkollawat & Bow Maylada
Tee Krai Tee Mun [ทีใครทีมัน]- Nine Naphat & Jeena Yeena
Bangkok Vampire – Golf Pichaya & Saipan Apinya


1) Barb Rak Talay Fan
2) Phu Pha Prai Mai
3) Mai Sin Rai Fai Sawart
4) Any Club Friday part
5) Muad Opas
6) ATM Error
7) Raeng Tawan (JL Subbing Team is subbing this)
8) Sapai Rot Saep (Rainbow Subbing Team is currently subbing this)
9) Game Sanaeha (Ingfakirata & Muse are subbing this)

Or any lakorn which are currently being work on or put on hold by other subbers. Please be respectful and be understanding of the original subber.  I understand that sometimes the releases might not be as fast as you anticipated but this is a free fansub and we subbers are doing this during our free time. We do have our personal life and other commitment too! 😉

A gentle reminder. In order to watch A Neko Meow Meow’s Project without any disruption, please ensure that you always play by the HOUSE RULES. Not playing by the house rules will cause the project to be delayed or halted! Any rude comment will be banned! Subbing will be by my choice and also very much depending on the timing team too.
No subbing request will be entertained!
Older lakorn like Sai See Plerng and Kard Chuek will be work on only when I don’t have any new project going on. So note that it will take a longer time to complete!
Last updated : 10th October 2018



41 Comments on “FUTURE PROJECT

  1. Neko… Would you ever consider subbing “My Girl Thailand/ My Girl 18” with Ester and Pae?

    • If you look hard enough you would know that this series already fully subbed in English 😛

  2. Could you please consider subbing Duang Jai Pisut? I have found no one subbing this lakorn.

  3. Anyone knows if someone will be subbing Nak Soo Tewada ? (or Nak Soo Tevada/Taywada)
    I saw the first episode and the female lead is so badass and the plot seems so interesting! Please, Let me know if someone decides to sub this x

  4. Tra barb see chompoo definitely. Cant waitttt 😀
    When this one going to air actually?

  5. How I wish there will more projects coming soon to Mik Thongraya and Cat Stephany Auernig! I and my sister just so love them both. Their love team makes us always inspired in any aspect..Pretty please, recommend them for upcoming projects…We’re looking forward to watch their drama or lakorn…#MikStephfan

  6. firstky i want to thank you so much for all your efforts . i just want to make a request if its possible.. can you sub the new lakorn jao sao jum yorm..?? and again im thanking you.. pls take care..

    • It has been already subbed .. u can find all the episodes with english subtitles on anothermuse.com ..

    • Mandy .. u can find it on anothermuse.com ..they have already subbed it ..

  7. thank you for this list… looking forward for the new lakorns to watch..

  8. Would you ever consider doing mae sue bpak rai poo chai rot jat again but password protecting it next time?

  9. i will like very much to watch phu pha prai mai but she dont interesting and we need to respect her decision
    also i will likd jao sao jum yorm

  10. please can you please do subs Jao Sao Jum Yorm ?
    i know Muse fan club sub that but we can’t watch that
    thank you advace

  11. can you please sub Phu Pha Prai Mai 2012, no one subbing this lakorn

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