I Wanna Be Sup’Tar

I Wanna Be Sup’Tar วันหนึ่งจะเป็นซุปตาร์ [WanNueng Ja Bpen Sup’Tar]
Completed : November 6, 2015
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Total Episodes : 26
Airing Date : 3rd August 2015 – 27th October 2015
โดดเดี่ยวด้วยกัน / Doht Diao Duay Gun (Alone Together) by Getsunova ft. Praewa Yellow Fang
อยากเป็นคนสำคัญของเธอ / Yahk Bpen Kon Sumkun Kaung Tur (I Want to Be Your Important Person) by Gypso
แสนล้านนาที / Saen Lahn Nahtee (One Hundred Billion Minutes) by Bell Supol
ทุกเช้า ทุกคืน ทุกวัน / Took Chao Took Keun Took Wun (Every Morning, Every Night, Every Day) by Oak Smith
ความเชื่อ / Kwahm Cheua (Belief) by Bodyslam ft. Ad Carabao
ชักดิ้นชักงอ / Chuk Din Chuk Ngor (Writhing) by Ploy Chompoo
จังหวะหัวใจ / Jung Wa Hua Jai (Rhythm of the Heart) by Bie Sukrit

A word or two:
Hurray! Another completed project! ^^’ It was a fun, exciting and intense 3 months! 
This project started as a special request from my sister. And now it got me addicted to DJ Push! XD 
Special thanks to kitkat @alwaysmeena for styling, editing, uploading and hosting the project. Also to Tahmnong from Deungdutjai.com for the wonderful job in translating the lyrics and also fulfilling all my song translation request!

Ep Air
Time %
1 08/3/15 DONE 100% 08/06/15 LINK
2 08/4/15 DONE 100% 08/07/15 LINK
3 08/10/15 DONE 100% 08/12/15 LINK
4 08/11/15 DONE 100% 08/13/15 LINK
5 08/17/15 DONE 100% 08/21/15 LINK
6 08/18/15 DONE 100% 08/21/15 LINK
7 08/24/15 DONE 100% 08/27/15 LINK
8 08/25/15 DONE 100% 08/27/15 LINK
9 08/31/15 DONE 100% 09/04/15 LINK
 10 09/01/15 DONE 100% 09/04/15 LINK
 11 09/07/15 DONE 100% 09/11/15 LINK
 12 09/08/15 DONE 100% 09/12/15 LINK
 13 09/14/15 DONE 100% 09/17/15 LINK
 14 09/15/15 DONE 100% 09/23/15 LINK
 15 09/21/15 DONE 100% 09/25/15 LINK
 16 09/22/15 DONE 100% 09/24/15 LINK
 17 09/28/15 DONE 100% 10/01/15 LINK
 18 09/29/15 DONE 100% 10/05/15 LINK
 19 10/05/15 DONE 100% 10/08/15 LINK
 20 10/06/15 DONE 100% 10/09/15 LINK
21 10/12/15 DONE 100% 10/16/15 LINK
22 10/13/15 DONE 100% 10/17/15 LINK
23 10/19/15 DONE 100% 10/23/15 LINK
24 10/20/15 DONE 100% 10/23/15 LINK
25 10/26/15 DONE 100% 11/06/15 LINK
26 10/27/15  DONE 100% 11/04/15 LINK

Subbed by neko^^ | Time/Segment by neko^^ | Edit/Style/Upload by kitkat


300 Comments on “I Wanna Be Sup’Tar

  1. Thanks NEKO for this! I love you all!! But please can you put a Ang sub in love song love series destiny? The Thai drama with the two taekwondo lovers? Please….I’ll wait for it.
    Very much thank you

  2. Hope you could do the same with Puer Tur and U Prince Series. By the way, thank you for this. I had fun watching it. 🙂

    • Puer Tur is already being pick up by another subber you can find out who & where at Jasmin Lakorn. As for U Prince Series it will be subbed by GMM officially at their youtube channel.

  3. Where is the video I can’t find it… somebody help

  4. Thank you for your hard work…I enjoy this series so much 🙂

  5. Pleaz can you sub the lakorn: Lueat Tat Lueat, i can’t seem to find it with eng sub anywhere. And to be honest, i really loved your work here.. i wanna be a sup’tar is so good. Love you.

  6. this lakorn has eng sub right?how can i watch this??

  7. thank you ! thank you so much i so wanted to watch it .. you are the best !!!!! keep translating thai lakorns for us . you realllly are the best ………..

  8. Hello lil kitten 😽😻😹 XD
    I really really really love your work please keep up your good and hard work and thanks for sharing this wonderful Thai lakorns with us God bless xoxo

  9. Hola tendrias los srt de este lakor, no se ingles y es para poder verlo en español, gracias

  10. Love love this! Thank you so much for uploading and subbing the whole lakorn! And I was also wondering if you could also sub Push new lakorn “Puer Tur 2015” when it comes out.

  11. you are the best!! I really love your pages a a lot and thanks to you I could watch ” I wanna be a supstar” with eng sub!! I really love to watch thai dramas but I cant find them with eng sub so I hope you can do more dramas with eng sub!! I follow youu!! and Thank you so so much :*:*:* 🙂

  12. hellow.. it’s really nice to know this drama has been subbed well. but i download the RAW ver. can you tell me how to get the softsub?? please..

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