Completed Project

Poster-NK Look Nee Tee Rak Hua Jai Pathapee
Poster-IWBS Neung Nai Suang
Devil Lover Love Rivalry Gasohug
Mon Rak Asoon Chaotic Love Once Upon A Time... In My Heart
Jao Sao Chapor Kit Angel Destiny
Kon La Kop Fah
Game Payabaht So Sanaeha
Paen Rai Long Tai Wa Rak Nieow Huajai Sut Glai Peun
Luk Tan Loy Kaew Mussaya Yeut Fah Ha Pigat Rak
Secret & Summer

26 Comments on “Completed Project

  1. Hi, how can I find Ngao Asoke 2016 with english sub ?
    Why no “search” area here ?
    How can we find our favourite drama without “search” menu ?
    Please help. Tq


  2. Hello can you make a sub for True Love Next Door The Final Answer? 🙂 I have watched all the previous seasons except this. The final season is uploaded on Youtube unfortunately it doesn’t have any subs 😦 huhu it left me hanging. 😦 thank you


  3. Heloo, first I’d like tto thank you for this project, I just start to watch thai dramas and regret not doing it sooner, I’ve started in April and already finished, full house, kiss me, ugly duckling and oppa series, I’m currently addicted to the cupid series, and is while searching for english sublitle for this series that I found your blog project….
    I’m looking for the last episode of Loob korn kammathep, and I was wodering what’s next, I know that youtube has the 5 serie but it’s not subtlitled


  4. hi!! I really love thai drama the series. Can you make a subtitle of love song love series and others series?? thank you..


  5. Can you please add English subs to Phet tud Phet? So far only the first episode is subbed.


    • Two episodes are subbed. Episode 3 is currently being edited, so please refrain from asking for more episodes for any lakorns. Like those kind of comments are discouraging to the subbers and if you can’t wait, go watch the raws or learn Thai and help us to speed up instead. Thank you.

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  6. Please sub raeng tawan 😢😢I really like this drama….there is no subtitle for this drama in internet…😔😔


  7. I am so sad that #SeanEst didn’t have a chance to be real? What are your thoughts on Sean and Esther, neko?


  8. please bring back Gypso and Push loveteam ^_^.. i wanna be a sup’tar is the best!!!!


    • LOL! I miss this couple too! But I don’t think it will be anytime soon! *keeping my finger cross!*
      If you like Push in rom-com like me, soon we’ll get to see him pairing with Esther in U-Prince Series!


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