Game Payabaht เกมพยาบาท (Game of Vengeance) Trailer & Sypnosis

(pic cr Channel 8)

Film Rattapoom and Amy Amika reuniting again after Jao Sao Chapor Kit and Ladab Tawan in slap kiss lakorn Game Payabaht [Game of Vengeance].  From what I read and also the teasers it kindda gives me the feel of my all time fave Jam Loey Rak. Elder brother revenging for younger sibling (sister in this case) by kidnapping the nang’ek to deserted island. But only to find out that he revenge at the wrong person later. Hopefully this will be as good as Jam Loey Rak! 😉 Continue reading


Announcement! FileFactory TrafficShares

As kitkat have it “Sharing is Caring”.  And we (alwaysmeena & Neko^^Meow Meow Project) will be sharing out our unused monthly 100gb of Trafficshares from FileFactory with all our friends and supporters.

So what does this means to you?
It allows free users to download as a Premium user on files which are mark with Trafficshares. Meaning no ads, no time cap or restrictions. And I believe it’s resume-able too.
However there’s only 100gb of data available monthly. So once it’s used up, you’ll need to wait till the following month for it to reset.

I’m not sure how much avid downloader out there. So it’s still a testing phase. Links will be posted at main “Home“page footer. And will change at random time. Please be patient! And please note, NO request will be entertained!

So Happy Downloading!

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Music Series/Preview MV Kon Mee Sanae (Charming Person) by Pang Nakarin [Eng Sub]

Latest single of Pang Nakarin after two years of hiatus. A cute song about beauty is not just in the outlook appearances. Music series starring Ice Nattarat (Gasohug… Rak Them Tang) and Belle Kemisara (Hormone : The Confusing Teens)
If you like this song, be sure to follow the original youtube video. MV will be released on the 21st June 8pm local time.
Lyrics translation courtesy of