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House Rules – Updated!

Welcome to A neko^^ Meow Meow Project Please follow these simple house rules… 1. Don’t rush us for sub! Or when it will be released. I sub on my own pace! If subbing indicates 100% you’ll get to watch/download it eventually. Usually projects with a lot of…

[Teaser] Devil Lover Ep1 – Eng Translation

Devil Lover will start airing coming Wed, 7th Oct, GMM25, 8pm local time. Or Youtube on Friday 6pm local time Read on for Eng Translation

[Teaser] I Wanna Be Sup’Tar Ep19-20 – Eng Translation

I feel like sharing my excitement with you guys on the next week teaser that I’ve just watched hence this post! Don’t click continue reading if you don’t want any spoiler!

I Wanna Be Sup’Tar spoiler alert!

GMM25 just released the MV of Push version of แสนล้านนาที One Hundred Billion Minutes. Another OST for I Wanna Be Sup’Tar which you’ve probably have heard before if you’ve already watched last week release! Spoiler alert! It contains a lot of spoilers for scenes that have…

More of Push? Love Flight รักสุดท้ายที่ปลายฟ้า “Updated”

Devil Lover Coming Soon!

Devil lover เผลอใจ…ให้นายปีศาจ will start airing by GMM25 on October 7th, 8pm. The same channel that brought us I Wanna Be Suptar and Club Friday Series. I’ve been looking forward to this romance/sci-fi drama. Part of the drama is film in Kitakyushu, Japan. (cr @devilloverseries)

Mike in China “Updated”

Can’t wait to see Mike in Kiss Me? Well you can quench your thirst first with this few bits.

Push Marathon!?!?

It started with Ugly Duckling – Perfect Match in May, then with Roy Leh Sanae Rai in June and July, follow by I Wanna Be Suptar in August and next

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