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[NEW PROJECT] Buang Rak Satan บ่วงรักซาตาน

  (Pic cr Ch3) A little bit overdue with this post! But it’s better late than never! 😛

[COMPLETE ENG SUBBED] Khun Mae Suam Roy คุณแม่สวมรอย

(Pic Cr Raklakorn) Another one wrapped up in a neat little bow! Well I’m referring to both the subbing project and also the lakorn itself. 😛 Wow! I was glad that I found this little gem. After watching the two MVs it didn’t take me…

[COMPLETE ENG SUBBED] Bpoop Paeh Leh Rak บุพเพเล่ห์รัก

(pic cr. ch7 & siamzone) Bpoop Paeh Leh Rak บุพเพเล่ห์รัก is finally completed subbed. All links are updated in project page:

[NEW PROJECTS] Por Pla Lai พ่อปลาไหล & Khun Mae Suam Roy คุณแม่สวมรอย

Happy Lunar New Year 新年快乐 to those whom are celebrating and Chúc Mừng Năm Mới to our timing team. Hope you’ll have a bless and prosperous year ahead. I’m kick starting the new doggy year by adding another two new projects in my growing subbing list….

[COMPLETE ENG SUBBED] Bangkok Rak Stories : Kon Mee Sanae คนมีเสน่ห์

pic cr GMM Bravo 1st completed project for 2018. Bangkok Rak Stories : Kon Mee Sanae คนมีเสน่ห์ is now complete english subbed. Special thanks to the usual suspect – Timing team – CHUỒN CHUỒN CÁNH SEN &  Edit/Style/Upload – kitkat. Thanks to these hard-working folks…

[NEW PROJECTS] Sai See Plerng ทรายสีเพลิง & Kard Chuek คาดเชือก

When the new crop of lakorn doesn’t look appealing to me. I turn to look at my options in older lakorn. I’ve listed a few and ended up with two instead! 😀

[NEW PROJECT] Bangkok Rak Stories : Kon Mee Sanae คนมีเสน่ห์

                    (pic cr. jesjpp ig) Annoucing the first new project for 2018! Bangkok Rak Stories : Kon Mee Sanae คนมีเสน่ห์ Starring : Jes Jespipat & Gybzy Wanida

Ch3 lakorn 2018

Ch3’s SeeSan Entertainment news have just announced the list of lakorn which is in stock for this year. Phew! I’ve listed 45 of ’em. Some were even from my 2016 ch3 lakorn list. They are just waiting for time slot to be air. And…

Top 12 highest rating Thai lakorn in 2017

Cr. @mod_pantip14, #lakorn_ch7 #ch7dramasociety I stumble upon this post in IG and knew instantly that I’ve got to share this. Congratulations to Channel 7 for having the most top rating lakorn. Seems like a good year for ch7. They are monopolizing the whole chart indeed.  I’m a…

neko’s 2017…

It’s the time of the year again to look back at the good, the bad or the average of the year and also appreciate those that have been a great help throughout the year. In terms of work, it’s not a good year for…