Bangkok Vampire รสริน ล่าแวมไพร์

Bangkok VampireBangkok Vampire รสริน ล่าแวมไพร์
English Subbing as of April 15, 2019
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Total Episodes : 8 eps
Airing Date : 31th March 2019 – 19th May 2019 (Every Sunday)
Rosarin, a vampire descendent, lost her sister mysteriously, coincidentally as other people in Bangkok disappeared one by one. She uses her psychic power to track down for her sister, joined by Nop, an IT geek who falls for her at first sight.
As the story reveals, the evil vampire boss is collecting special blood for some rituals. His cravings are about to fulfill with several elite assassin under his command. Rosarin needs to fight for her sister or she and Bangkok would be collapsed by the evil vampire. (summary by MonoFilm)
คนที่ฉันรอ Kon Tee Chan Ror (The person I’m waiting for) by Mon Room39

Ep Air
Time %
01 03/31/19 100% 100% 04/12/19 LINK
02 04/07/19 100% 100% 04/14/19 LINK
03 04/14/19 100% 100% 04/15/19 LINK
04 04/21/19
05 04/28/19
06 05/05/19
07 05/12/19
08 05/19/19

Subbed by neko^^ | Time/Segment by CHUỒN CHUỒN CÁNH SEN| Edit/Style/Upload by kitkat


8 Comments on “Bangkok Vampire รสริน ล่าแวมไพร์

  1. Thank you so much for subbing!! I loved the first episode.

    • I’m glad that you like it as much as I do!^^ And how this is film is giving me the feel of a movie rather than lakorn/series!

      • I couldn´t agree really is like a movie..and most of all..not boring..and so far I never had the urge to fastforward like in some lakorns. I have just watched the second episode..and I guess I am so impatient..I´ll watch it raw first, and then your subbed episodes.
        I want to say thank you again, for picking this as a subbing project.

  2. You are going to sub this? Thank you! It is so rare that someone subs a series from Mono

  3. Looks interesting. Thank you for picking this up. Have a lovely day.

  4. Oh my god! I love that you are subbing this. I like these new genres rather than your typical romance!

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