neko^^ Welcoming the Piggie year!

Happy Lunar New Year 新年快樂 to those who are celebrating it!

So what’s neko^^ been up to? Well neko have been pretty busy after wrapping up Patiharn Rak Kam Kob Fah Oh yes, that’s right. If you didn’t know, the “so call” slow project have been completed in 2 weeks time. The first project to be completed in 2019! (=ʘᆽʘ=) I’m a big fan of “wuxia” series and this one kindda resembling one. The adventure just keep sucking me in and by the time I knew it, I’ve already completed it. So if you are a fan of adventure, supernatural, love story. This might just be your cup of tea or coffee, if you doesn’t like tea. Where to watch?

Today is what we chinese call night of shou sui 守岁 and it is believe that staying up through the night will delay the aging process of the elderly family members hence increasing their longevity! Well it’s a good excuses for neko to stay up late. And since I have a few hours to burn before midnight. I’ve decided to look at what’s probably waiting for me when I’m back from my holiday! These are the two MVs and a teaser which I’m able to whip up! (=✪ᆽ✪=)

Of course there’s Khun Nu Reun Lek. But aside from that there’s a few lakorns which is in neko’s subbing radar that’s going to be air soon too.

Gon Luang Tuang Nee Rak กลลวงทวงหนี้รัก – Auan Rangsit & Mae Nisachon
Start airring on 12th February every Monday to Friday by Step Power. Well the same production company which produce Paen Rai Long Tai Wa Rak. Yes that of the same actress, Mae Nisachon. So basically the gist of the story is Nang’ek got con a big sum of money by her boyfriend. Her boyfriend broke off their marriage and get married with pra’ek sister instead. And… (I guess you’ll be able to conclude it from here)
I’m still unsure about this one. So I’m going to watch it first and then decide. Ch3 have kept this in stock for more than 3 years. I guess it can wait a little longer even if I decided to! Kekeke! Anyway here’s the MV of the lakorn
ภาษาใจ Paasaa Jai (The language of heart) by Job Pongsakorn

Majurat Holiday มัจจุราชฮอลิเดย์– Film Rattapoom & Fai Werulee
Start airring on 12th February every Monday to Friday. Film’s Por Pla Lai was a disappointment. So I’m still having phobia of his lakorn. But looking at the teaser, it’s safe to say that very high chances I’m going to sub this. It’s just a matter of how fast I’m going to release this. And that usually depend on how much I really enjoy it! 😛

Pachara Montra พชรมนต์ตรา– Weir Sukkollawat & Bow Maylada
I was told that this would likely to be air after Sarawat Yai. Tentative airring date 18th February. A definite subbing project! (≈ㅇᆽㅇ≈)♡

Bangkok Vampire รสรินล่าแวมไพร์ – Golf Pichaya & Saipan Apinya
If you have been checking on the future project page. I’ve removed this just a few weeks ago as I didn’t hear any more news about it since it was announced in early 2018. But I fell in love with this song as soon as it was released. No airring date as of now, only that it’s coming soon. Still a maybe project. Somehow I have a soft spot for Golf. You’d probably know by now judging from most of my earlier project!
คนที่ฉันรอ Kon Tee Chan Ror (The person I’m waiting for) by Mon Room39

And to satisfy the curious cat. Let me know which one you like to watch most. And it might even influence the decision making…


21 Comments on “neko^^ Welcoming the Piggie year!

  1. How is your consideration with Gon Luang Tuang Nee Rak กลลวงทวงหนี้รัก,Neko? Keke .I’m waiting patiently for this.

    • hi neko…can u pls sub the drama name * nang barb*

  2. Hi. If I am not too late, Happy Chinese New Year. Quick question, has there been a suggested end date for Gon Luang Tuang Nee Rak? I’m skim watching it to see if I like it. In so far, I like what I see. Also I wanted to let you know that malimar tv website plays several of the Thai channel shows. I use that instead of bugaboo. Thank you for all of your hard work. I now have a better understanding of the Thai language; better, but not great. 😉 Your kindness and help is always appreciated Neko.

  3. Could you eng sub the drama “Samptat Ruttikan”?
    It’s a really nice drama!

  4. Given how much I liked Paen Rai Long Tai Wa Rak (I watched it 3 times), I’m super interested by something by the same company (but 3 years on the shelf is a little worrying…).

    Anyway, I’ll be watching whatever you sub anyway, so hope you find the one you enjoying subbing the most!

  5. Dropping by to say that out of 4 I prefer Film’s lakorn. I love that it was contains supernatural element with all the devil stuff but amidst that there are comedy and of course the forbidden romance between them. Although I love Weir but that kind of story is not my cup of coffee. It was too serious for me. Hehe.. But of course I will still watch anything that you subbed though.. Hahah..

  6. Happy Lunar New Year, Neko!
    Thank you so much for this early 2019 surprise. I love your subbing.

  7. Happy Chinese New Year Neko.

    Thank you so much for the updates.

    I voted for Pachara Montra for obvious reason that Weir is my #1 favorite thai actor. Majurat Holiday is a very closed second. I might agree that Por plai lai is not so good as compared to Film’s previous work but i still like the first half of it. Thank you so much for completing it despite of your concerns.

    Regardless what you choose from lakorns you mention above, i will be so grateful. Looking forward to see them soon.

    Thanks Again.


  9. Happy Chinese New Year! Wishing you the very best. Hope this one’s a good one.

  10. Happy Chinese New Year Neko! They all look very interesting but what inspires me the most is: Bangkok Vampire รสรินล่าแวมไพร์
    Thank you so much for all your hard work!! ^^

  11. Happy New Year Neko^^
    May you have a prosperous year. And as always, thank you for your hard work

  12. Hi Neko !
    To be honest , out of this list am only looking forward for the first lakorn ! Lately am enjoying just a classic lakorn with nice a storyline, no horror no supernatural twist.

  13. Happy Chinese New Year Neko! Wishing you and your family a blessed and joyous Chinese New Year. Thank you for everything that you do. Gong Xi Fa Cai!

  14. Happy new year ^^ Neko. wish all the luck come in this year. wow awesome choice, there also golf he he… but it’s not airing yet, so let me choose the other one, Gon Luang Tuang Nee Rak. Thank you so much Neko.

  15. Happy Chinese New Year, Neko! I’m looking forward to all of your projects. 🤗

  16. Happy Lunar New Year. May you & family be blessed with joy & good health.

    Any lakorn subbed by you is fine. Thank you for your hard work.

  17. Happy Chinese New Year to you as well~~ iIhope this year would only bring happiness and joy to you and your family~ ♥️♥️

    I’m looking forward to all your project! It doesn’t matter which one, I’m super excited for them all! And like always! Thank you so much for all you do!!~~ Su su!

  18. Happy Chinese New Year Neko! May this year bring you lots of luck! You will be a busy cat this coming month hehe!

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