2018 Another Year of Fansubbing **Updated**

2018 mark the 4th year of A neko^^ Meow Meow Project!

I must say it’s one of the most challenging year amongst all the year which I’ve spent in the lakorn world. If you’ve been following what’s happening, you’d probably know what I’m talking about. Probably because 4 is never a good number in Chinese belief! Hmmm…. Maybe I should list it as the “3A year”! 😹

It’s that time again to look back at the list of project which neko have completed. Whether I find it good, bad, best or worst! 🙃 And this is totally base on neko’s point view. So some of you might not feel as strongly towards it as I do.

p/s: Oh! This is going to be a long post. So bear with me. Frankly if you could sit through my subs, you probably could sit through my rant about each project too! So here goes 😆

13. Por Pla Lai พ่อปลาไหล (https://nekomeowmeow.com/porplalai/)
It’s not secret that this would be my least fave. OH MY GOSH! 🙀 I don’t even know where to start! Okay I have to admit that it started out pretty good. Maybe ep1 and ep2. But then each episode just drain the strength out of me. I couldn’t believe what the writer put us (or maybe it’s just me) through. I can’t believe how the story line unfold itself. True that there’s quite an adequate amount of humor in the lakorn. But there’s a lot of Ken’s action which I totally disagree with and I don’t think he even deserve to get the girl. And if I’m his friend Golf, I wouldn’t have stuck by his side. How can he sabotage Golf and Min relationship just because Golf not wiling to side with him. 😅 Frankly knowing that there’s some people who actually waiting to watch this lakorn is basically what keeps me continue to go on. If you are one of them, thank you for sending word of encouragement so that I didn’t drop this one! Frankly, a big shout out to all the timer who sit through this one MLAT, FST Fansub, Annie Cat… This is one lakorn which I truly didn’t enjoy. The acting was decent it’s just that the story line is not my cup of tea! I got suck into this one because of Film and also the teaser! 😣 Watch this only if you are true Film fan and also if you concur with guys being a player and woman should be forgiving and acccepting them as they are!

12. Bpoop Paeh Leh Rak บุพเพเล่ห์รัก (https://nekomeowmeow.com/bplr/)
Phew! This one sure took a long time to complete. 2 years! Wow! Well a little trivia regarding this one. kitkat & Blueskies bought two sets of DVD which is available on the net and also check out 2 streaming websites for the video sources until we found something satisfactory. The audio were lousy for old lakorn. It was just too hard for me to hear exactly what they were saying and I was secretly hoping that ch7 might do a rerun on this to save me from my misery. But in that two-year duration, it didn’t happen. But nonetheless, it’s completed! I’ve always been a fan of Aum Patcharapa. She’s probably the first nang’ek which I’ve ever watched. I notice that there’s something about old lakorn that’s not available in current lakorn. I just couldn’t put my fingers around it. Maybe these kind of old lakorn just have a different kind of flavor compare to the new one. Maybe it just feel more Thai. ^^’

11. Sai See Plerng ทรายสีเพลิง (https://nekomeowmeow.com/saiseeplerng/)
Chompoo Araya, Poh Nattawut, Chakrit Yamnam, Alex Theeradeth, Mew Nittha… All in one! I feel that it’s a little waste that this was left unsubbed. I think there was one or two eps subbed in viki but it wasn’t completed tho. So one fine day I just decided to adopt this lakorn.😄However this is not usually a genre that I would really go into. It’s a bit too gloomy to my liking. Too much plotting for revenge and too little FIN scenes.

10. Bangkok Rak Stories : Kon Mee Sanae คนมีเสน่ห์ (https://nekomeowmeow.com/konmeesanae/)
I’d say that this is short & sweet. And definitely my cup of tea. This one sits at #10 of my list is not because I dislike it but it’s because I like the rest more! The character that I love the most would probably be Grandma Samorn. She a Grandma who goes the extra mile for Bua Loy. Pretending to P’Aoy and P’Chod from Club Friday so that Bua Loy would tell her about her problem. Super passionate about karaoke. And knows that J Jetrin would be the answer to Bua Loy! She never fail to make me laugh even from beyond her grave!

9. Kard Chuek คาดเชือก (https://nekomeowmeow.com/kardchuek/)
First time subbing this genre of lakorn. When I pick this one up I knew that this one would be challenging especially when it revolves around Muay Thai Kard Chuek but never did I know that there’s so much lines to sub per episode despite that this is an action lakorn. I love both the couple in this lakorn, Kelly & Jakjaan, Mik & Bow. Both couple are super adorable at their own way.

8. Buang Rak Satan บ่วงรักซาตาน (https://nekomeowmeow.com/brsatan/)
What can I say other than Dome Pakorn 😻😻😻

7. Sanae Rak Nang Cin เสน่ห์รักนางซิน (https://nekomeowmeow.com/sanaernc/)
Love all the 3 couples. And Vicky or Vickier have turn into a household name in discord when referring to Nang’rai! 🤣

6. Payak Ka พยัคฆา (https://nekomeowmeow.com/payakka/)
Full or romance and kisses. 😘 Ch8 never seems to hold back on this two ingredient and neko^^ is loving it! Iang! Oh Iang! 😻😻😻 This one would definitely rank higher if it’s not because of the ending. I’m still heartbroken!

5. Mee Piang Rak มีเพียงรัก Secret Moon (https://nekomeowmeow.com/secretmoon/)
I know that a lot of people are frowning regarding the pairing. But I for once think that this pairing fits perfectly for this script. Oh well, neko is a biased person so you might not want to listen to me totally! 😝 I like both P’Ken Theeradeth and Toey Jarinporn. Ken is just so fine. He is just like a good wine which gets better with age. I’m just glad that Citizen Kane did a good job this time. (At least that’s what I personally think.) I even enjoy Kon Rak Strawberry so if that one didn’t work out for you, then you and neko are not at the same page of judgement scale. Don’t worry,  don’t doubt yourself. You are not the strange one. Cause neko is just neko! With her own cattitude! Cat people would probably know this! 😛 Cake Nattavat a.k.a Haew really did a great job in this one. I probably wouldn’t mind another lakorn of him in the future. And Krissie as Da is just optimistic that she’s giving me this positive vibes whenever I’m subbing her part. The best thing I like about this lakorn is that the nang’rai is not actually that “rai” and I like it that my pra’ek knows who he wants and what he wants!

4. Look Mai Lai Sontaya ลูกไม้ลายสนธยา [TWILIGHT BOND] (https://nekomeowmeow.com/lookmails/)
I’ve said this before, neko is a very temperamental person. And neko get easily influenced and suck in by the lakorn she subbed. Fortunately this is one lakorn with virtue. Well frankly, neko kind of needed that during that period of time. And swooning over Hem Hiran ❤ does help to brighten my days.  Love the soundtrack. Love Sean & Pimmy. They have great chemistry together and I’d love to see them to be pair up again. I kindda forgotten how swoon worthy Sean is. Frankly to me, he’s one pra’ek which is out of sight, out of mind. Kekeke! This would probably be one of the lakorn which I did the most reading and research on.

3. Trabab See Chompoo ตราบาปสีชมพู (https://nekomeowmeow.com/tschompoo/)
I call dib for this one right after Khun Mae Suam Ruay. Frankly I didn’t know what I get myself into. I just like Bua and Pop that I wanted something more from them. There wasn’t much to go on at that time. Just a poster with Bua and a cute newbie Pra’ek and lotso newbie side character. Pon a.k.a Peat doesn’t really appeal that much to me when he’s in Sanae Rak Nang Cin but in this…. He really outshine himself. I think he did a great job in this.
It’s amazing how many people marathon together with me on this one. Thank you everyone. I feel your love! With all the comments that I’ve received for this show and the number of viewers on the page and video. Thank you people. Your eagerness just motivate me to get the episode out to you as fast as possible! Knowing so many people will be marathoning with me on a daily lakorn, that would probably be one of the reason that I’ll taking evening lakorn anytime. (As long as there’s my fave pra’ek or nang’ek tho. I don’t mind newbie as long as he’s an eye candy! Yeah that’s how shallow neko could be at times!)
In the middle of the lakorn, I thought this would be the one that I’d place as my most fave amongst all that I’ve subbed for 2018. But unfortunately to me it just kinda go downhill at the last 3 eps. And towards the ending, I still have a few questions which were unanswered regarding the embezzlement. And did Peat and Chaya really slept together? Well for those who have watched the IG clip you would know that it didn’t happen. But how about those who didn’t? I’d still like a proper explanation. Also Kriss & Chaya seems to have dominate the last eps. But at least I’m satisfied with the ending kiss. So glad they didn’t crop that one out like what they did to us viewer in ep18!

2. Panthakan Rak พันธกานต์รัก (https://nekomeowmeow.com/panrak/)
This one makes me craving for more and more. I was having a hard time pulling away from this one. Looks like Mookda manage to land at top spot again this year. I’m really looking forward to her lakorn with Mike Pattaradet next year.

1. Khun Mae Suam Roy คุณแม่สวมรอย [You are Me] (https://nekomeowmeow.com/khunmaesr/)
And the winner is… (drum roll) none other than Khun Mae Suam Roy! Bua X Pop vs Bua X Pon! Actually I couldn’t really decide which combi I like better. Bua have chemistry with both the pra’ek. And because they are using the same filming location for KMSR and TSC, I couldn’t help seeing the shadow of KMSR when I’m watching TSC. Especially in these scene. Kekeke I let you be the judge of it.I just re-watched this one recently. Well honestly that was when I was waiting for more eps of TSC to be released. I realised that I still FIN and enjoy it as much as I did back when I’m subbing this. I would consider this lakorn as perfect if they did not cut out the kissing scene of eps26. 😤 p/s: I  recently just hunt down the missing kiss scene and added into KMSR ep26 video page. If you want to know what I’m talking about, feel free to check it out!

Thank you for watching A Neko^^ Meow Meow Project. I appreciate all the feedback. Even though some demanding one does pissed me off! However all the “Thanks” are well received. Don’t forget to thanks my timing team too. They deserve the biggest thanks. Sometimes I put them through the lakorn/series that they doesn’t even like. And I’m kind of demanding too. I like my timing to be done a certain way. Remember, as a viewer, you could fast forward all the scenes that you doesn’t like. But as a timer and subber, we have to sit through it no matter how much we dislike it. Do you know that sometimes I’m tempted to put this in sub “neko doesn’t like this scene or she/he just being obnoxious”. Also especially when many people talking at the same time, that I need to replay and listen to the line over and over again. I’m so tempted to sub as “Blah! Blah! Blah! They are just babbling” Hmmm…. Maybe I’ll do it someday! 😈
I’m grateful for my timing team. They probably get the least recognition. So I’d like to take this opportunity to thanks them again and make sure that they feel loved. Remember those time where you get same day releases for Khun May Suam Roy or Trabab See Chompoo? They were they one who stayed up late to get the timing done so neko could fill in all those blanks! And remember because of the timing team good timing that you are able to FIN the lakorn to the max. Once again thank you team!
p/s: It took me 20-30 mins to time a 10 mins clips and I used to do this by myself previously. So imagine how much time I’ve saved when the timing team volunteer to do it for me. Frankly, I doubt I’m able to sub anymore lakorn without the timing team support.

Last but not least…. Thank you kitkat for your support. Even though you’ve been busy with school but thank you for keeping up with my demand. Thank you to fellow subber, Thippy, Bitter Kisses and Subber Paradise for helping out whenever I get stuck! And also for hanging in there together with me! This year, despite all the unpleasant stuff that’s going on in lakorn society, I’m glad that there’s discord which more or less help me to brave through the year.

As for what project in store for 2019? There’s still some left over lakorn which I’m interested in subbing but wasn’t air in 2018. I added a few new one too. Feel free to head over to the future project page and see if there’s anything in the list which is to your liking.

And to kick-start the 2019. I’m giving away a channel 3 table calendar. So you’ll get Pon in January,  Nong Nine in May,  P’Ken in December. And all you need to do is tell me among the 13 completed projects in 2018 which one is your favourite and why. The comment with the most “likes” will win! 😊 And if so happen we have a tie, kitkat will be the judge of it! Dateline : 28th Dec 2018, 9pm Thailand time. Winner will be contacted via email, so make sure you put in a valid email when you comment!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!


28th Dec… Last minute Update! 

Look like we’ve got a last minute addition to the 2018 neko’s completed subbing project. 😅 I never thought that I could completed this in time before the new year! So to compensate Bussaba, I’m giving it a pic on it’s own! 😝

Leh Rak Bussaba

Now where would I rank Bussaba?
I’d say Leh Rak Bussaba (https://nekomeowmeow.com/lehrakbussaba/) would sit at number 4 just after Trabab See Chompoo. I love the bromance in this lakorn. And the relationship within the family warm my heart. And gosh! Dindaen is just so cheeky in an adorable way! 😻 I must admit that I actually like the starting of the lakorn better compared to the last few eps. Love the setting of the lakorn. But not really digging Boot’s outfit! 😎


34 Comments on “2018 Another Year of Fansubbing **Updated**

  1. Hy loved ypur hardwork, it is so difficult to find English subtitles for tgai series. Can you also put mr. Merman series. It would be great.

  2. Hi!!. dear neko ^^ meow meow. I really would like to ask you some right questions of your work making the subtitles. If possible, of course.
    have a great day

  3. Thank you Neko and team!! I so appreciate your hard work. Without you, there’s no lakorn for us since we can’t understand the language, so thank you again so very much!!!

  4. Hey can you put up. Bangkok series: please


    Jao sao jom yorm

  5. Hi Neko MeowMeow, you have an amazing site! Greetings from the Netherlands.

  6. Hello Neko. I appreciate your subbing on any projects. This year had great lakorn even subbed by you or other subbers. I love Trabab See Chompoo! Pon and Bua have a lot of chemistry and it is so romantic. I am sucker for romance between the main characters. I love the pairing of Ken and Toey. Toey have played other lakorn as the nasty second character in Kluen Cheewit to the quirky girl in one of the Cupid series. She is great in Secret Moon and the duo is cute but I wanted more romance between them. Seeing Ken in a different light is also new to me too…Are you going to have a schedule of what lakorn you are planning to sub for the upcoming 219 year?

  7. Thank you so so much for all your hard work!
    It is only because of your team that we non-thai people get to understand lakorn and fin about all the pairings!

    My current bias is peat from trabab see chompoo!! goodness, he looks so good onscreen and when he gets jealous, oh my god!! So drool-worthy! Isn’t he amazing for a newbie? Like gosh, he is the complete package!! Hahahahaha I can go on and on about him!!!

    So back to the topic again, thanks again for all your hardwork and I know it must be so tough with all the trolls lurking around, stealing other people’s work; thank u for continuing despite all the turmoils.. It is only because of your subbing that we non-thai speakers are still able to understand and enjoy the lakorns to the max! You don’t know how much we love you guys!

    Ps. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone on the team!! May you all have a blessed time with friends and family! <3

  8. Thank you to you and your timing team for the great effort towards 2018. As there are a lot of negative vibes, you managed to pull off and completed 13 projects! I believe you can do it together with the team. From all of your 13 projects, I would like to say I like Mee Piang Rak the most. This is because I used to rant and shake my head off when this pairing being announced. The weird feeling surrounded me when you announced this project. I am contemplating either to watch or leave. So, I give this a try since you and the team took the effort to complete this project. To my amusement, I liked this very much because the pra’ek knew what is the best for him. He keep chasing and put in more effort to make her fall in love with him. I do fancy the hero courting heroin so this really caught my feelings. Plus, I am person who love to have mature and good ‘ajusshi’ as my mate. Anyhow, I would like to wish you all the best for the upcoming projects and may the force be with you and your team! Khop khun mak ka!!!

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