Greeting! ^^ Welcome to the 2nd installment of completed, ongoing & new project update. Another quarter have passed, so what’s new in nekoland since then. Payak Ka, Look Mai Lai Sontaya and slow going project Kard Chuek are now completely English Subbed.

KARD CHUEK Who would have thought an action lakorn would have so many lines? An average of 1800 lines per episode whereas a normal lakorn of the same time range would only be around 1200 lines or so. This is one genre which I might not want to deal with anytime soon. Sorry guys! No plan to sub Mik & Green’s Nark Boon Song Klot!
I did my best with the name of the stances. So for those who know Muay Thai and if I’ve got any of the stances wrong, my apologize!
As you know I’m more of a rom-com person, so I didn’t really enjoy the first few eps. Luckily there’s still some bickering between Deputy Thanu and Lamai (Kelly & Jakjaan) to get me through the first 4 eps. Tip for Mik & Bow’s fan, the FIN moment between Deputy Boonsom and Lamian only begin from eps 5 onwards. 😛

PAYAK KA I’m still holding grudge on this one! Why? I don’t like the ending! Not sure if it’s because they want to leave it open for Payak Ka 2. I was warned that anything related with Seua Saming will probably doesn’t end well. Lessons learn. But still the romance did make up for it. Thank you Ch8 for not holding back on the romance! ❤ ❤ ❤ This is my first time watching Iang Sitha. He sure looks good in this one. Added him into my future “to watch list”!
So if you are those who likes happy ending, this might not be your cup of tea. But if you still want to check out how much ch8 is pampering us with the romance. You might consider like what one of the viewer did. Write your own happy ending and stop one or two eps before the last! Hehehehe!

LOOK MAI LAI SONTAYA Amongst all the 3, this would probably be my favourite. The starting was good, but then it get a bit slow in the middle. And somehow Sean manage to make me cry (again) almost towards the end. I feel your suffering Hem Hiran! But rest assure that this is one is happy ending. One which I’m pretty happy with. It would be prefect if they would give me more than 10 mins of happy ending. I’d love to see Sean and Pim in another romance!

All links are updated in project page:
KARD CHUEK https://nekomeowmeow.com/kardchuek/
LOOK MAI LAI SONTAYA https://nekomeowmeow.com/lookmails/
PAYAK KA https://nekomeowmeow.com/payakka/

Special thanks to CHUỒN CHUỒN CÁNH SEN for their continuous support in timing these projects for me. kitkat for video encoding. And also fellow subbers in discord for spot translation. It’s nice to know that you guys are around to assist whenever I get stuck! 💋💋💋

NEW PROJECTS! Yeah! Who’s excited? I know I am. Look like it’s going to be busy month ahead. All my anticipated lakorn happens to air at the same time. I couldn’t even decide which one I like best. I guess each have its own merit. But finger crossed that I’m going to like all 3 equally or else you’ll get one more than another! 😛

MEE PIANG RAK SECRET MOON Starring Ken Theeradeth & Toey Jarinporn. Airing every Friday, Saturday and Sunday starting 21st October.
Despite a lot that doesn’t like the pairing. I might be the odd one who think that this pairing is adorable! ❤
Storyline from AsianFuse wiki
The story is about Jidapa or Jaokha, a young woman who wants to be a detective, so she founds a company. No one hired her to be a detective as she dreams of. Most of the jobs she gets are small jobs such as finding a dog. One day Teerada comes to her company with a plan to match her handsome and flirt brother, Thanadol and her friend, Jane. This job, Jaokha has to make Thanadol meet Jane three times. The first time Jaokha has to be a gypsy fortune teller and tells Thanadol that he is going to meet the right woman. Things go wrong. Thanadol knows the plan and he becomes interested in Jaokha instead. Jaokha wants to cancel this job, but she needs money. While trying to make Thanadol meet Jane, the relationship between Thanadol and Jaokha is developing. Finally the plan ends. Jaokha has to accept the truth that she loves Thanadol. However, she is reluctant to be in a relationship.
All links will be updated in project page : https://nekomeowmeow.com/secretmoon/

LEH RAK BUSSABA Starring Mike Pataradet, Peak Pattarasaya, Kelly Thanapat, Jammie Panichadar. Airing every Friday, Saturday and Sunday starting 28th October.
Look like I’ll be seeing Kelly and Jammie again this round! ^^’
Storyline from mydramalist
Bussababan’s family was ruined, and now she’s homeless. She blames the owner of one of the most famous vineyards in the country. She decides to take revenge by marrying her abuser in order to ruin him later, and goes to study winemaking in Okanagan, Canada. But Bussababan still doesn’t know that she chose the wrong object of revenge, and falls in love with the master of the vineyard, taking him for a simple manager.
All links will be updated in project page : https://nekomeowmeow.com/lehrakbussaba/

TRABAB SEE CHOMPOO Starring Pon Nawasch & Bua Nalinthip
Speculated to air early or mid November taking over current Ch3 daily lakorn Kaew Kum Pan slot. I’ve been waiting for this one ever since Khun Mae Suam Roy ended.
Storyline from AsianFuse wiki
Kangsadan is a dreamer who used to view the world in a positive light until her pink colored world changed when she became the woman of Punsakorn, the only man she loves. He made her an offer for her to become his mistress in exchange for the house, the only memory she has left of her mother. Punsakorn is the only heir of a millionaire/billionaire who hides his cruel coldness under his good looks. He says he never has eyes for Kangsadan, the little girl who fell in love with him. But one day his heart began to waver.
Kangsadan stepped up to the status as the woman his father loves likes his own daughter. With resentment in his heart, Punsakorn decided to turn his back on his family. After four years, he came back as a charming and handsome businessman to become business rivals with his father’s company. He returned in order to take everything back, and Kangsadan will be the first person he takes revenge on.
All links will be updated in project page : https://nekomeowmeow.com/tschompoo/

ONGOING PROJECT The only on going project left in stock right now is SAI SEE PLERNG. I’m determine to wrap this one up before this year end. *Keeping my finger crossed* 

Looking at the line up, so which one is your most anticipated?

Ever wonder what happened to our Bunny in Panthakan Rak? Here’s your answer…

(Pic credit channel’s IG)


22 Comments on “[COMPLETED, ONGOING & NEW PROJECTS] Oct 2018 Update!

  1. Hi there! Thank you for your hard job, lakorn subbers are priceless! I understood that trying to find anyone who can sub Buang Sanaeha (2017) from Sanaeha Diary Series) Do you know anybody who is planning to sub it?

  2. hi neko, do you know anyone who subbed jao sao jum yorm? couldnt find any on google. if there’s none, do you have any planning on subbing it during your free time?

  3. hi. thank you for your amazing work
    recently I’ve been searching for Rak Nakara (2017) with Eng subs . to my surprise ( lots of series with weak plots and acting are being subbed everywhere) no one has been subbing it (actually someone did the first two episodes and that’s it)
    is it possible for you to pick it up for ?
    Mark and Taew are my favorites…

      • OK thanks anyway
        i think it has to do with his attitude but personally i find him to be a great actor unlike most of thai actors who are awkward in their roles

    • Hi neko.. thanks f0r subbing these all amaizing lakorn. I come from indonesia and its very help us watching lakorn with eng sub. Can i request to u to subbing ” game sanaeha ” james ji and taew thank you.. u rocks..

  4. Hi Neko sorry to bother you. But do you know of anyone whos subbing rabum marn?
    Thank you for all your hard work!

      • Do you know if anyone else aside Falada will pick up Popes drama?drama name: Por Yung Lung Mai Wahng
        I really want to see it but let’s hope someone subs it.

  5. I am so grateful Neko…
    Because of you , I am able to watch the lakorns with eng sub
    I have one request,could you please sub prankasit kammathep
    Thank you

  6. Omg wow thank you nekoooooo for always making my heart happy thank u thank u

  7. Thank you for taking the effort to sub all the great dramas. I would like to know is there any possibilities that you will be subbing this drama..Gub Dug Sanaeha (2017). Thank you.

  8. Despite the ending, Payak Me was really good. Defi ively enjoyed the romance a lot. Thanks for subbing these projects for us. It’s much appreciated.

  9. Congrats Neko! It’s going to be a busy month for you but I know you can do it, while I’ll be taking a rest after Sai Lohit hahaha. Still considering if I want to do underground with “Churros” for this one upcoming drama hahahahha

    • You should! ^^ The teaser is feisty!😈 Pranang looks real good together too. neko sending more “palang” to thippy ❤❤❤

  10. Hi Neko,

    I too am looking forward to Trabab See Chompoo. I thought Bua was such a delight in Khun Mae Suam Roy. Her chemistry with Pop was off the charts. So I have hopes she can pull it off with Pon!

    But then there is Mike!! I am looking forward to this one too!!

    And Ken and Toey!! I think this pairing has real potential. One of my all time favorite lakorns of his is Majuarat See Nam Pueng with Namtarn. I’ve watched it multiple times and it never gets old. I thought those two together killed it. And for some reason Toey reminds me a bit of Namtarn. So we shall have to see if these can two pull it off.

    I thank you Neko and your sidekicks for the efforts put in these subbing projects. I truly appreciate them. And I always enjoy your updates. 😉


  11. Congrats on completing the lakorn, and thanks so much for everyone’s and your hard work. Without any one of you, none of us non-Thai speakers would understand or even get a chance to watch them. As always you got excellent tastes in lakorn because I’m excited to see these three get subbed, but I’m more biased toward Mike and Peak. Hopefully all’s well for everyone. =) Thanks so much for everything!

  12. Im so thankful neko… im still watching your finish lakorns & so far i like them all, lol… like you i love rom com (plus action,romance) lakorns so im quite satisfied with your choices…
    With regards to the 3 lakorns you mention as your next project, im more into Ken &Toey’s Mee Piang Rak since both of them are my favorites… but im also inerested in Tra Barb See Chompoo since after seeing Bua good acting in Khun Mae Suam Roy im also stalking her other lakorn, lol (eventhough she usually played as a supporting role)… lastly also i like Leh Ruk Bussaba bcoz of Mike and the storyline is quite interesting… thank you so much for subbing lakorns, looking forward to see them soon…

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