[COMPLETE ENG SUBBED] Bpoop Paeh Leh Rak บุพเพเล่ห์รัก

(pic cr. ch7 & siamzone)

Bpoop Paeh Leh Rak บุพเพเล่ห์รัก is finally completed subbed.

All links are updated in project page: https://nekomeowmeow.com/bplr/

With every completed project there’s usually a story behind it. And with this, it was the challenges that we have for the RAW video as this is an older lakorn which was dated back to year 2008. I was having a hard time hearing what they are saying with the initial RAW that we have so I ended up giving up after a few minutes of subbing and turn to work with other projects instead.  As you know only in the recent year that Thai TV have upgraded from Analog to Digital airring. I was secretly hoping that ch7 will rerun this when they started to rerun some of Aum’s older lakorn. But unfortunately they didn’t for this. I wonder if it’s because that Poh no longer under ch7 that’s why they didnt’ air this! Hmmm….

But thanks to Blueskies, she decided to pocket out her own money and try her luck by purchasing another set of DVD video. It turns out that it was a lot better than the initial one which we had.

Special thanks to Blueskies for timing and kitkat for ripping the RAW, encoding with subbed and uploading.

This sure take a long time to complete but nonetheless it’s already completed. 😉


8 Comments on “[COMPLETE ENG SUBBED] Bpoop Paeh Leh Rak บุพเพเล่ห์รัก

  1. Thank you for your time and effort for subbing this wonderful drama love from Bahrain 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

    • please sub ( sopho ro rak ) thai drama i love that drama please

  2. I sincerely thank you for subbing older lakrons And to read ya’ll are buying older dvds is fantastic. Sending all a monthly support from Texas. 👍

  3. Regardless of the length of time it takes you and the people that help you out. Your time and effort is really appreciated. THANK YOU.

    • LOL! Yeah! I tend to take my own sweet time with older lakorn! 😛

      • But you did finish it and I thank you from the bottom of my heart! 🙂

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