[COMPLETE ENG SUBBED] Parakit Likit Huajai ภารกิจลิขิตหัวใจ

pic cr: Pantip

Parakit Likit Huajai ภารกิจลิขิตหัวใจ is now completely subbed. Special thanks to Timing team – CHUỒN CHUỒN CÁNH SEN &  Edit/Style/Upload – kitkat.
All links are updated in project page: https://nekomeowmeow.com/plhuajai/ Do take note that some of the streaming link are not in DM due to video being rejected. So always check back the subbing progress table for the correct link. Download link will be posted by kitkat @alwaysmeena when it’s ready! 😉
In my opinion, this feel like a rollercoaster series to me. It started out great. That’s what prompt me to pick this up. Moreover, I kinda miss watching Sean. Haven’t watch anything of him since Nang Barb! And then it went down hill and up a little bit just before the month long hiatus. And way up after it resume then down again! 😀
Overall I think it’s pretty decent as the cast acting were great. There’s a few scenes which really touches me and makes me cry! Sob! Sob! And there’s a lot of moral and life lesson which one could learn from this series.
Happy watching! ^^


3 Comments on “[COMPLETE ENG SUBBED] Parakit Likit Huajai ภารกิจลิขิตหัวใจ

  1. Amazing Sean. I cried so much with them when they said good bye on the boat. Thank you


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