Still on my mission looking for new project. So let’s take a look at what’s on the next change in lakorn menu.  And if any subbers are subbing it. Well, these information are to my best knowledge and is subject to changes. 😛

Ch3 vs Ch7. So who’s going head to head  with who between these two big lakorn player. 😀
ch3 : Arkom (subbed by SJDK Fansub) ➡ Leh Lub Salub Rarng (SJDK Fansub upcoming project)
ch7 : Reun Payom (subbed by Thippy) ➡ Mussaya

ch3 : Sai Lub Jub Abb (subbed by Deep Fried Tofu) ➡ Plerng Boon (SJDK Fansub upcoming project)
ch7 : Meu Neur Mek ➡ Nakrop Dta Pisat

ch3 : Cupid The Series : Kammathep Prab Marn (subbed by Thippy) ➡ Mae Liang Diew Huajai Frung Fring – Single Mom
ch7 : Parakit Rak : Nieow Huajai Sut Glai Peun (subbed by neko^^) ➡ Parakit Rak : Meu Prab Jao Huajai

Daily lakorn
ch3 : Paen Rai Long Tai Wa Rak (subbed by neko^^) ➡ Fun Rak Fun Salay
ch7 : Meu Peun Por Luk Dtit ➡ Phut Sao Seu Rak

Mon & Tue : Sai Yom See ➡ Ngao Ataan (based on wiki)
Wed & Thu : Plerng Rak Fai Marn

Game Maya (subbed by Thippy) ➡ Rak Sorn Kaen a.k.a A love to Kill
Sanaeha Diary Series (Part 1) Gub Dug Pitsawart ➡ Sanaeha Diary Series (Part 2)Buang Sanaeha

Home Stay Nee Rak Pai Pak Jai (subbed by Jeabteam sub)

Nang Kaen ➡  Yuttakarn Salud Nor

Diamond Eyes

It’s nice to see we have more new subbers. I didn’t realise that Sai Lub Jub Abb was being subbed. I remember there’s some request for this earlier. So for those who want to see more lakorn being subbed, make sure you extend your support and send lotso encouragement to welcome our new subbers.  Make sure you are watching directly from the link posted by subbers. Your love and support is what get us subber going. <3 <3 <3

I was also going through some of my completed projects and was surprised that Weir’s Military theme Nieow Hua Jai Sut Glai Peun does not get as much view as I expected. 😕 Average around 1000-1500 views in comparable to Paen Rai Long Tai Wa Rak (Average of 5k views – Eps release day average of 1k) and Game Payabath (Average of 10k views – Eps release day average of 2k) That make me wonder if it’s because of Nang’ek Peak Pattarasaya. I understand some doesn’t like the pairing.  But I for once think this pairing is cute! But I doubt that’s the case as even So Sanaeha fare higher (Average of 3k for parts upload + 2.5k for full eps upload. Eps release day average of 700)

Then the next thing that prompt me is that it might have been uploaded somewhere else. And my guess was not wrong. Well I’m no longer surprised to see my work being uploaded in sites such as Dramafast, Dramacool, HDfree, Dramanice, KissAsian… Well the list go on and on. These sites are earning advertisement money on the expense of the hard work of subbers, timers, encoder…
NO! Unfortunately there’s nothing much we can do about it. I’ve tried contacting them to get the video removed but no response. I could submit to streaming site like openload, youtube, dailymotion to get the video removed but it’s too time consuming to identify the link  when there’s always advertisement pops up. It’s so annoying that sometimes it even causes my notebook to freeze! 😮
So sometimes  it makes me think should I continue or just quit so that I don’t have to feel being taken advantage of! So don’t be surprised if one day you find that neko^^ quit subbing! 😛 😛 😛

But not today tho! 😀 😀 😀
From the list that I’ve researched and my guess on lakorns which would often get asked to be subbed. The finalist would be…
Parakit Rak : Meu Prab Jao Huajai – Nope already said in earlier post won’t be subbing this one.
A love to kill – Nope melodrama just not my forte.
Maybe there might be a few asking for Fun Rak Fun Salay – Nope I doesn’t like the theme. Even though Pra’ek is Win Tawin’s brother. 😛

Looks like the winner would most likely be Mussaya!
Here’s the teaser of Mussaya by Thippy

Also a clip from ep01

So far ep1 have been cute and fun.  Mookda is new to me but she’s growing on me! <3 <3 Not to mention there’s Mik Thongraya and also my Dton Tan (Amp Pheerawas).

After watching the teaser and a short clip from ep01, how do you like it?
Comment or click “like” if you want to watch this one with eng sub.
Will sub this if the number is to my satisfactory and if I could get my favourite timing team to support me. If not then I’ll just wait for the next batch of upcoming lakorn and maybe sub some random clips which I find FIN from time to time! =^-^=


121 Comments on “MISSION NEW PROJECT

  1. May i know if you are going to sub nine naphat and icepeechaya ( Rak Gan Phalawan ) drama?

  2. Can you please sub Koo Za Rot Zab? I am a huge fan of Weir. Thanks so much!!!

  3. Hi 🙂 Can you please sub “Duang Jai Pisut”, it seems to be a really fun and romantic show and I really want to watch it!!!

  4. Hi.
    If you have time, will you please consider subbing Tard Ruk Taranong? The other subbers gave up after the first episode. Thank you.

  5. I want to thank all you and all the other subbers that take the time to sub all of these. I have what my family says a slight problem….i have watched all the lakorns that i have found subed on the sites i know. I check this site all the time to find new ones. Again thanks so much.

  6. is there any chance you guys wanna to sub this lakorn which just ended yesterday Tieng Narng Mai or Nymph’s Bed? i don’t know if the casts is popular enough or not, but the lead actress is so pretty and the lead actor is the one who played in popular drama with Kimberly and James Ma. hope you guys want to check that out. the drama is hilarious but also has good special effects

  7. Hey, if possible can you please sub “Sanaeha Diary Series (Part 1) Gub Dug Pitsawart”?

  8. Hi, If possible can you please sub “Phloeng Rak Fai Man”. Thank You very Much

  9. May I suggest a lakorn for your next project? Perhaps Barb Rak Talay Fun? I really want to watch it, was even willing to sub it myself, but have found absolutely no way to do so. I don’t even know where I should go to find someone who would be willing to team up with me. Can you assist?

    • If you’ve read the earlier thread or Guess Book you would have know that this is my NUMBER ONE benched lakorn! Sorry it’s still a BIG NO to Barb Rak Talay Fan!

      • I’m sorry to offend. I honestly didn’t know. It was an honest mistake. I won’t bother you again.

  10. Can I ask you to please sub La Ong Dao of Ch7. I am a big fan of Om and would like to watch it with engsub. Please please please..

  11. Thanks forall the hard work! I love the thai dramas! I search allover to watch. Don’t give up!

  12. Hi! I was wondering if you know anyone who will be subbing or is subbing “Rark Nakara” with Taew and Mark. Or if you would accept the request to sub this lakorn if no one is subbing already?
    -thank you 🙂

  13. Can you please sub Rak nakara ?? 😦
    It seems like no one gonna sub , I understand a little bit Thai , but I think they use old language or dialects >__<

  14. I want to ask you something. Who will sub the lakorn of You’re my destiny?

  15. heya, I am a die hard fan of thai lakorns!! just wanted to know when will I be a ble to watch “LEH LUB SALUB RARNG”.

  16. Will you sub Nang Rai Summer? I can’t find it anywhere. Please.

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