[TEASER][Spoiler Alert] Kon La Kop Fah Ep4 – Ep6 [Eng Sub]

*Spoiler Alert! This post contain teasers for episodes ep4 to ep6*

Neko is going on vacation, so there probably wouldn’t be much update until after Christmas! And while I’m away, I’m leaving you with the subbed teaser for the upcoming epsisodes and maybe it might help to curb the craving a little! So enjoy! ^^

From the trio at Neko^^ Meow Meow Project & Alwaysmeena, we would also like to wish everyone Merry Christmas & Happy Holiday!

Ep 4 Preview

Ep 5 Preview

Ep 6 Preview


6 Comments on “[TEASER][Spoiler Alert] Kon La Kop Fah Ep4 – Ep6 [Eng Sub]

  1. Hi there,

    I don’t know how a request is made but would you be interested in subbing Sapai Jao (Royal Daughter-In-Law). I have looked everywhere for this Lakorn and I can’t find it anywhere with English subtitles. Great work on the other finished and ongoing projects! Love your site and have come back to watch Neung Nai Suang and others many times 🙂

    Thank you for your hard work and time!

  2. Thanks for the uploading the teaser episodes and subbing them.

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