Ch7 Welcome Back Lakorn

Pic cr. BBTV Chanel 7 FB

Ch7 welcome back it’s prime time lakorn today with a very cute montage video <3 <3 <3
Monday & Tuesday 20: 30  Ban Lang Hong – Michael Pataradet & Baifern
Wednesday & Thursday 20:30 Cheun Cheewa – Porshe Saran & Camilla Kittivat Kirn
Friday, Saturday & Sunday 20:15  Petch Tud Petch – Weir Sukullawat, Kwan Usamanee, Mick Thongraya


7 Comments on “Ch7 Welcome Back Lakorn

  1. Would anyone be subbing PTP? I really want to be able to watch this in English. 🙁

  2. Geeat. Hope there will be english subbing for all these lakorns. Thanks.

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