Announcement! FileFactory TrafficShares

As kitkat have it “Sharing is Caring”.  And we (alwaysmeena & Neko^^Meow Meow Project) will be sharing out our unused monthly 100gb of Trafficshares from FileFactory with all our friends and supporters.

So what does this means to you?
It allows free users to download as a Premium user on files which are mark with Trafficshares. Meaning no ads, no time cap or restrictions. And I believe it’s resume-able too.
However there’s only 100gb of data available monthly. So once it’s used up, you’ll need to wait till the following month for it to reset.

I’m not sure how much avid downloader out there. So it’s still a testing phase. Links will be posted at main “Home“page footer. And will change at random time. Please be patient! And please note, NO request will be entertained!

So Happy Downloading!

p/s: If you enjoyed the premium feature of FileFactory and wanted to subscribe. Please make sure you use this link. Thank you!


5 Comments on “Announcement! FileFactory TrafficShares

  1. Honestly, I struggle with the downloads as I prefer not to add more stuff onto my computer since space gets eaten up. I find it harder to learn the download logistics yet understand the struggles others have with removed videos. Isn’t there a way to work with TV stations to do the subtitles/captions and ask them to reupload on their sites the same videos but with the subtitles/captions? It would let them know exact number of english subs watchers.

    The other option I see is stop using the real lakorn titles and give them all code names. People know where to go to get the link match ups anyways.

  2. Oh please upload more lakorns to download! Thank you!

  3. Thank you! I’m also going to try this route. Haven’t downloaded lakorn videos in a super long time so any advice will be super helpful!

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