Rak Foon Dtalop รักฝุ่นตลบ Teaser & Trailer [ENG SUB]


Rak Foon Dtalop รักฝุ่นตลบ
Starring : View Warranot, Gypsy Keerati, Kangsom
OST : Kon Tee Bpai Gup Tur (The Person Who Goes With You) by Kangsom
Airing every Saturday at 8pm on Channel One starting June 25th 2016!




7 Comments on “Rak Foon Dtalop รักฝุ่นตลบ Teaser & Trailer [ENG SUB]

  1. Really interested in watching this series. Hope it will interest Neko too so that we can have subs for this! haha

  2. oh my!!!! the trailer look very interesting!! this is a movie or drama? are you willing to sub this? hope this is a drama..!!

    • I’m waiting for this one to finish airing first then only will decide. It’s probably a short series and it’s already airing up to ep3. So far it’s hilarious with lotso beautiful scenery as they travel up to north Thailand.

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