Sailab Rak Bpuan สายลับรักป่วน Teaser [ENG SUB] – Updated!


This is so Mr & Mrs Smith feel! <3 😀

Sailab Rak Bpuan
Starring Andrew Gregson, Ploy Cherman, Golf Pichaya,  Prang Kannarun.
OST : Saabaan (Swear) by Dome Pakorn Lum
Airing every Friday – Sunday at 20.15 hrs on Ch3 starting July 17th!

clip cr. ch3 & andrew gregson IG
pic cr. สายลับรักป่วน FB



11 Comments on “Sailab Rak Bpuan สายลับรักป่วน Teaser [ENG SUB] – Updated!

  1. This trailer was really funny…most of all the ending scene with her funny and weird love confession…
    I love Andrew and am so happy that there is a new lakorn with him.

  2. This looks so promising!! Thank you Neko for considering subbing this!. You are so awesome and generous with all your efforts.

  3. This must be very interesting. Is like True Lies with Arnlold Schwarzenegger and Jamie Lee Curtis… I loved the movie, I’m sure I’ll love this Lakorn too!!! Su su Ploy, su su Andrew!!!
    Thank you neko^^Meow Meow, and have a wonderful day.

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