[Teaser] Thepphabut Maya Thepthida Jamlaeng [Eng Sub]

Currently watching this ch7 rerun. Win Tawin & Kwan Usamanee in Thepphabut Maya Thepthida Jamlaeng a.k.a Masquerade Love, 6 years prior to Chaotic Love! I’m adoring this pairing! <3


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  1. Fah Jarod Sai (I call “Nuts In The Sand”) and Mai Sin Fai Rai Sawat (which stuttered almost to a halt with Whiny Wheelie and Pyscho Mom) were the first two Kwan lakorns I watched.

    I thought she never did anything that wasn’t makjang. But then I watched Jao Sao Salatan and realized she’s much better with comedy. I’m looking forwards to dramathoning KWLPR. I would love it if you ever find time to sub TMTJ 🙂

  2. I’ve searched high and low for Eng subs for this drama, there’s none lol! Imma will have to make do with Chaotic Love.

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