[Teaser][Spoiler Alert] Mon Rak Asoon Ep27END [Eng Translation]

Finale! Spoiler Alert! Watch at your own risk!

Nampeung : Well Khun Phu was asking something about asking a woman to become girlfriend or something like this, what he’s suppose to do
Uncle Sam asking Therd : Boss, how do you really feel towards Teacher Nampeung?
Nampeung : I’m still not ready for anyone to come take care of me.
Phu : But I think there’s one person who’s ready to take care of you.
Nampeung : Who is it?
Khun Nann : I want Dad come back faster. I’m afraid that Dad will not come back again.
Therd got beaten by Songyot’s thugs.
Songyot to Therd : You die!
Nampeung attack Phun and ran towards Therd.
Nampeung : Khun Therd be careful!
Therd : Nampeung!

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