[Vote Result] Jao Sao Chapor Kit

Winner of the poll! Jao Sao Chapor Kit เจ้าสาวเฉพาะกิจ Looks like we have a lot of Film’s fan out there and I also know that some have voted for this because it’s said to be a remake of Ka Neung Ha. I have not watch Ka Neung Ha so I wouldn’t know but all I can say is ep1 is quite hilarious! You’ll get to decide for yourself in the next batch release!

ICU came pretty close. It’ll get subbed after one ongoing project is completed! In the meantime, I’ll still do the translation of the highlights or teasers. But if this get subbed by the official channel or any other subber, I’ll just move on to the next. We’ll find out in one month if GDH559 will have it subbed or not!

Lastly, Angel Destiny. Hmmm… I thought we’ve got quite a number of Golf’s fan out there?


5 thoughts on “[Vote Result] Jao Sao Chapor Kit

    • Neko^^MeowMeow says:

      Hmmm… I See You! As much as I wanted to but because the official channel GDH559 already released an English subbed trailer so I’m very reluctant to sub it! No point wasting my time on projects which are going to get subbed especially by the official channel, right?

      Angel Destiny already subbed up to ep2 😉


  1. callie89 says:

    That is soooo cool. It was neck and neck these past couple days so I wasn’t sure how it was going to pan it. These polls are fun. Thanks for offering them up.


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