[Teaser] The Cupids Series – Eng Sub

The Cupids : Borisat Rak Oottaloot Series consist of 8 lakorn

1) Kamathep Hunsa [Cheerful Cupid] – Boy Pakorn & Toey Jarinporn
2) Kamathep Ork Suek [Cupid Go To War] – Panjan Kawin Imanothai & Cris Horwang
3) Kamathep Online [Cupid Online] – Ken Phupoom & Namtarn Pichukkana
4) Loob Kom Kamathep [Humiliation Cupid] – Indy Intouch & Wawaa Nichari
5) Sorn Ruk Kamathep [Hidden Love Cupid] – Toey Pongsakorn & Cheer Thikumporn
6) Kamathep Sorn Kon [Betrayal Cupid] – Tono Pakin & Nychaa Nuttanicha
7) Kamathep Jam Laeng [Disguised Cupid] – Lek Teeradetch & Prang Kannarun
8) Kamathep Prab Marn [Cupids Conquer The Devil] – Ken Theradej & Chompoo Araya

Amongst all the 8, I’m looking forward to the last installment 😀 Mainly because of my fave Ken & Chompoo pairing and also Tor Thanapop ❤ And if my calculation is right, this will be their 4th time pairing together. The blessing ceremony for the shooting of Kamathep Prab Marn happened two days ago. But from what I’ve read some of the lakorn have already started filming since last August. So hopefully we’ll get to see it this year!
For summary & cast information @ Sharerice Wiki

thecupid_part8Kamathep Prab Marn – Ken Theradej, Chompoo Araya, Tor Thanapop
cr. as tagged & IG broadcastthaitv

p/s: That’s not all for Ken & Chompoo. They will also be staring in the remake of Ra Rerng Fai produced by Ken’s wife Noi Busakorn.


6 thoughts on “[Teaser] The Cupids Series – Eng Sub

  1. Maricon Cleofe says:

    Hello! 🙂
    I am looking forward to watch all parts of The Cupids series hopefully we will get to see them this year…most especially Ken-Chompoo! 🙂

    and speaking of Ken-Chompoo, Chompoo was replaced by Noon for the new lakorn Ra Raerng Fai (someone told me because she’s preparing to have a baby but please clarify if that’s the confirmed reason?)


  2. me says:

    I know this is random but was wondering if princess hours thai is airing?
    I haven’t heard much about it so just curious.


  3. adena3ka2 says:

    Same here, I’m totally looking forward to Ken & Chompoo’s part. The wait is going to be painfully long *sighs* BTW do you know when the first part will air? There’s a high probability KPM won’t air this year, but the earlier they start airing the series the better lol!!

    I’m also looking forward to Part 1 (Boy Pakorn & Toey), Part 3 (Namtarn & Ken), Part 6 (Nychaa!!! I was hoping for another pairing of Lek & Nychaa lol!!) and Part 7 (Lek!!!)


    • Neko^^MeowMeow says:

      So far I have not read anything about the air date yet. But since it appears in ch3 runway 2016 show, my guess is Part 1 will surely be sometime this year *keeping my finger crossed* 😀
      Yeap, part1 looks fun! And I’m also looking forward to part2. But KPM will still be a long wait…


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