Gasohug… Rak Tem Thang แก๊สโซฮัก..รักเต็มถัง (Official Trailer) ENG Sub

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Updated : 3rd March
Video was removed due to copyright. So here’s the Eng Transcript instead.

Title : แก๊สโซฮัก… รักเต็มถัง (Gasohug… Rak Tem Thang) / Gasohug
Cast : Ice Preechaya as Eve, Ice Nattarat as Pun
Series Genre : Romantic Comedy
Channel : Line TV
Airing : Every Saturday at 8pm starting 6th Feb
Produced by : GDH599

Eve (Narrate):
These on the walls are things that I’ve seen in my dream.
I’ve dreamt about my future ever since I’m a kid.

Young Eve :
I dream that I get a present when I graduate.
It’s a strange looking phone, Mom.

Eve (Narrate):
And it’s right all the time.
It was never been wrong, not even once.
But there’s only one thing, that I’ve dream already but it still haven’t come true.

Dream (still) haven’t come true.

Eve (Narrate):
I’ve dream about this guy for 15 years already.
But I still haven’t seen him!

This girl… Waiting for “The Guy in Her Dream”

KanChai :
I want to invite Khun Eve to dinner.
Eve :
I have the person I like already.
Mit :
Are you crazy?
Eve : 
You also know that I’m waiting for the day that I’ll be meeting the guy in my dream.

When they meet “It’s unlike dream”

Pun :
Which petrol?
Eve : 
Ron 95, full tank.
Pun : 
Would you like me to wipe your mirror?
Happy Valentine Day!

He is “Dream Lover”

Mit : 
Is he really the same person?
Eve : 
He might be from different place.
Here to learn about the Thai lifestyle.
Living just sufficiently.
Mit : 
Do you want to eat medicine, Eve? Come eat 2!

Or should “Stop Dreaming”

Ya :
Pursuing Pun is tiring.
Because Pun is foolish!
Eve : 
What are you saying?
Ya : 
I also know that you like him.

Eve :
I know already one day we will meet.
And I dream about our future.
Pun :
We get married too?

This Valentine
Ice Preechaya
Ice Nattarat
It will make you… want to “Love” someone

Eve : 
What do you think about me?
Pun : 
I probably can’t be the person like you dream about.

Gasohug… Rak Tem Thang

OST : ยานอนหลับ Yah Non Lap (Sleeping Pills) by Tabasco feat Ice Preechaya


9 Comments on “Gasohug… Rak Tem Thang แก๊สโซฮัก..รักเต็มถัง (Official Trailer) ENG Sub

  1. It looks like GDH 559 are starting to sub their newest Line TV dramas! Hopefully they’ll do Gasohug too so you won’t have to do it ^^ I love your subs to death, but it would suck if you started up on this project only to have them upload their own to YT

    • If one looks closer, it is the commercials that are auto-captioned, not the videos themselves. They all open with the commercials thus have a CC button. Once the actual program starts the CC button disappears. Also auto-captioned is the worse in terms of using the wrong words many times over thus the meaning is lost.

  2. Aaahhh!!! do you really willing to sub it? thank neko! i don’t care how long it will take for you to sub,because i know you are really a perfect person. you do a great job at the great quality…tq! >_< always perfect

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