Ch7 Upcoming lakorn

After checking out tv3’s upcoming lakorn, I couldn’t help but being curious what ch7 have instore for this year.

Can’t view the youtube video? Here’s the alternative link (thanks to fanclub7see fb)
It looks like there’s also a few that I’ll be keeping my eyes on especially the one by Pimmy (aka Nara or Nong Chopbern). Most of the cast of Koo Prab Chabab Hua Jai have their own lakorn this year.
My “look forward” is in bold! ^^

7-01 7-02
Karn La Krang Neung Nai Hua Jai
Mick Tongraya, Pimmy 
Khun Krating
Cee Siwat, Toon Pimpawee, Oil Thana, Green Atsadaporn
7-07 7-08
Ka Ma Kon Diaw
New Wongsakorn, Chat Pariyachat
Ku Sa… Rot Sab
Weir, Min Peechaya
7-09 7-10
Khun Chai Gai Tong
Porche Saran, Bow Maylada
Ku Woon Lun Paen Ruk
Win Tawin, Kwan
Airing : 2 Feb 2016
7-11 7-12
Gold 10
Golf Anuwat, Jayda Sarunya
Talay Fai
Mick Tongraya, Cat Stephany
7-06 7-05
Ban Lang Hong
Michael Pataradet, Baifern
Thanwa, Tubtim
7-19 7-04
Look Mai Glai Toon
Aom Akkaphan, Min Peechaya
Likit Rissaya
Es Kantapong, Jakjaan
7-13 7-14
Sarawat Tuen
Kelly Rattapong,
Airing : 11 Feb 2016
Jao Payu
BigM, Hana Lewis
7-15 7-16
Phet Tud Phet
Weir, Kwan, Mick
Yeow Ratikarn
Win Tawin, Jakjaan
7-17 7-18
Michael, Bow Maylada
Fai Ruk Game Rorn
Thanwa, Sammy Cowell

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p/s: Actually there’s two teasers from ch7. The other part doesn’t appeal much to me. It’s either period, too fantasy…..


19 Comments on “Ch7 Upcoming lakorn

  1. Hi, Neko, is there any plan to continue Sherri’s project “Fai Ruk Game Rorn”?
    It’s really bad they don’t continue it…..It think FRGR is better than TF..(just my opinion), good luck for you KLKF na kaa…I’ll be waiting patiently. 😀 😀 😀

    • omg yes! i actually prefer the 1st part more too but its sad that sjdk closed down. I really hope someone subs this show. Neko do you mind subbing it? 😭

  2. where can i watch Karn La Krang Neung… Nai Hua jai with engsubs? pls
    DM/ thailakorn not working.nothing on youtube also

  3. I really want to watch karn la krang neung…nai hua jai with english subs 🙂 If you could, please sub this lakorn, I’m so in love with Mick but I also love Pimmy in this one <3

  4. hi neko, just wanna ask if you or anyone of your friends will be subbing karn la krang neung?thank you very much

  5. can you please sub talay fai and stream it here?

  6. Ur missing out talay fai-mik thongraya and stephany auernig.

  7. My goal this year is to get more familiar with Ch7 actors. I only know a handful – Weir, Min, Cee Siwat, Kwan, Win Tawin, Oil Thana, and very very few of the new actors. I’m quite familiar with Ch3 and even GMM artists, I just need to keep track.

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