House Rules – Updated!

Welcome to A neko^^ Meow Meow Project
Please follow these simple house rules…

1. Don’t rush us for sub! Or when it will be released.
I sub on my own pace! If subbing indicates 100% you’ll get to watch/download it eventually. Usually projects with a lot of views/downloads will get subbed faster. Please note that we are a very very small team and we also have work/school/life to attend to.
The more you rush for the sub/video to be published, the more delayed it will be!

2. Don’t ask for softsub.
I have no plan to release softsub. But feel free to sub it into any other languages that you like.
3. If you enjoy watching our work, a simple “Thank You” would be appreciated!
4. Please do not reupload my work without permission.
You can repost from our Dailymotion accounts but DO NOT reupload especially to YOUTUBE. If this happens, it will lead to project halt or drop permanently!
5. Please give credit where credit is due.

Thank you! 🐱

Last Edited : 16th June 2017

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