Push Marathon!?!?

It started with Ugly Duckling – Perfect Match in May, then with Roy Leh Sanae Rai in June and July, follow by I Wanna Be Suptar in August and next Club Friday Series 6 (Love is not wrong. Wrong that… you’ve changed!) airing Sept 5th. Check out the teaser….

24 thoughts on “Push Marathon!?!?

  1. Jennifer says:

    Can you please sub leh nangfah 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻i cant dowload it from the sister website also can you please sub club friday i cant find the sub anywhere thank you and sorry for asking soo much


  2. nizah says:

    hey neko just wantd to know if youre subbing club friday as me and my friends are crazy fans of p push and would love to watch this show , also i wanted to watch roy leh sanae rai but cant find it . can u please 🙏help me out
    ✊ su su na !! 😊


  3. nizah says:

    hey neko meaw meaw im really thankful to you for subbing the thai shows , really appreciate your efforts . i would really be more thankful to you if you could sub the lakorn leh nangfah (angel magic) , i checked out everywhere on the internet but couldnt find it subbed in eng on viki.com has it that too not working . i could only watch the 1/3 of the first ep which is why i really like the show already n i guess you’ll like it too its an awesom show n also it would be great for the push marathon .
    hope you do sub it
    thank you sooo much
    push fan and a regular viewer of your work
    thanks again


  4. couchpotato_md says:

    Yes to a Push marathon!!
    Thank you for subbing Wan Neung Jaa Bpen Superstar!.
    I believe that this isn’t Push first time to be in Club friday series… found this in you tube but unfortunately no subs.


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